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EBOOK-It's All in Your Gut; Let Your Second Brain Guide You to Optimal Health

Nikki Kenward, CST-D
213 Pages

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It's All in Your Gut

Let Your Second Brain Guide You to Optimal Health

When you sought help for your mental or emotional problems, did your doctor or therapist ask about your gut health? Or when you sought help for your gut problems, did you doctor or therapist ask about your emotional or mental journey through life?

In the past, there was not much attention paid to the connection between our gut health and emotional health. Current research is showing us an ever closer and more intimate relationship between the two. This book shares those insights and demonstrates why recovery in one area depends on recovery in the other and offers practical strategies from Nikki’s research, personal journey, and twenty five years of professional practice.

Enjoy this one-hour video by Nikki presenting insight and simple strategies for your gut



Nikki Kenward’s book provides the reader with refreshing and inspiring insights into the extraordinary world of our gut.

A tour de force that begins with her personal story of a life-changing event that almost took her life whilst scuba-diving in the deep waters of the Red Sea and takes us further and further along the multilayered pathways of our second brain, right down into the microcosm of our gut and its microbiota.

Along the way, we are also introduced to the just recently acknowledged mysteries of the enteric nervous system, the fascinating workings of the vagus nerve and its many different ways of communication, the hidden cosmos of the glial cells, and the powerful repair mechanisms within the gut.

However, It’s All in Your Gut does not only teach us about the fascinating anatomy and physiology of the second brain, it also offers lots of practical advice about how to maintain its homeostasis and a truly nourishing relationship with it.

But what really stands out for me in this book is that, through sensitive storytelling and Nikki Kenward’s beautiful and touching poetry, careful attention is given to how the gut deals with feelings and emotions, how it acts on our state of mind, and vice versa, as well as how this insightful brain can teach us how to evolve and grow as individuals.

This is a great book that truly gets you in touch with your second brain and a must-read for all people working with people.

--Alexander Filmer-Lorch, Author of The Inner Power of Stillness and Inside Meditation


This book is life-changing and recommended reading for all of my clients. A must-read for all therapists!!!

-- T. Gorman


When you said in the introduction of your book that you wanted people to keep picking up the book and reading it until it was finished;, you've achieved it! It's been a page turner.

-- X. Que


I am truly grateful that our paths crossed and especially for your book. I decided to do the exercise on page 55. Such a very deep release took place—cellular memory of 6 years ago was triggered. I was sad but did not realize how it (a family event) had impacted. Today's symptoms were nausea, indigestion and oesophagus feeling 'cold' on inhalation. After healing took place, all of these symptoms subsided! So miraculous.

But this is not all...I received an email from a Mom (who was referred to me) asking if I could assist her son who was born with Hirschprungs disease which she says 'I believe is effecting him mentally and emotionally.' He is suffering from constipation and keeps saying 'he is not normal.' I am willing to assist him especially now that I have more insight thanks to your book and my own personal experience..

--A Thankful Therapist


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