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EBOOK-Manual Therapy for the Prostate

Jean Pierre Barral DO
112 Pages

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Manual Therapy for the Prostate

For the manual therapist, man is an indivisible and indissociable whole whose components are indispensible to homeostasis and good health. Each articulation, every organ and tissue deserves our care and attention.

Sooner or later, nearly all men have prostate problems. The urinary, genital and psycho-emotional consequences are inconducive to a good quality of life.

Thanks to these simple, effective and non-iatrogenic techniques, precise manual therapy can help to resolve the effects of prostate problems.

This book is the fruit of everyday clinical experience. Based on anatomy and physiology, Manual Therapy for the Prostate provides a simple response to a complex pathology. This book is one of the keys to bringing them some relief.


"As a physical therapist and active health care practitioner for women's and men's health, I highly recommend Jean-Pierre Barral's book Manual Therapy for the Prostate. He shares with us his knowledge of anatomy, his clinical experiences and treatment protocols that give "answers" for many of our challenging diagnosis and dysfunctions in men with urogenital problems. He relates the health of the prostate to vascular, neurological, fascial, emotional and musculoskeletal homeostasis. For the future of men's health, this is a must read book!"

Gail Wetzler,PT,EDO,BI-D, Guest Lecturer, APTA, Section on Women's Health

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