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Healing with Awareness

Mary Ruth Velicki
272 Pages

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Healing with Awareness: Activating the Body-Mind-Spirit Connection to Restore Health & Well-Being 

Healing with Awareness is for all who wish to increase their awareness of the body-mind-spirit connection and to use this connection to heal on all levels. Key characteristics of the healing process are presented using stories from Mary Ruth Velicki’s personal experience as well as from her work with clients who are actively working to heal in a holistic way. The book also includes activities that help readers to heal on all levels. In addition, the social nature of healing is explored, including how relationships can push us to grow and how we can help each other in the healing process.

Mary Ruth Velicki has been focused on healing throughout her adult life. For over twenty years, this was through her work as a physical therapist specializing in the treatment of adults with neurological deficits. She developed and taught courses at several universities and published research in the journal Experimental Brain Research. Healing became personal as she worked for years to heal from debilitating pelvic pain and learned to tune in to the body-mind-spirit connection in order to heal on all levels. She now works with clients in an integrative way that combines structural and energy work. Her main passions include writing and speaking about spirituality and healing and participating in hands-on treatment.

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