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Never Saying Goodbye

Mary Jean Teachman
214 Pages

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Never Saying Goodbye: A Life Changing Road to Acceptance and Joy After the Loss of Loved One

A Powerful Story of Love, Loss and Renewal. 

After the suicide of her son, Forrest, Mary Jean Teachman wanted to change the rhythm of her life. With guidance from Dr. John E. Upledger and Dr. George Goodheart, she started exploring alternative choices. She began meditating and then she met Renata Moore, an intuitive counselor. These three individuals helped her on a spiritual path that ultimately led to peace and happiness.

"An incredible, magical book that teaches so much. Mary Jean Teachman writes eloquently of the turmoil and darkness her only son Forrest experienced, mostly due to his manic/depressive disease and his devastating decline into hard drugs for relief, then finally his tragic suicide at so young an age. A poem that was written by him called "Heroin the Omega" is searing in its heartbreaking description of what heroin can do to a human being. Never Saying Goodbye is a powerful story of love and loss and renewal. And even with the horrid loss of a child, it becomes a positive message throughout. Most of the book is filled with invaluable lessons to lead a more peaceful, tension-free, happier life. It's simply and beautifully spelled out where the author shares all she's learned and provides the reader with her "tool box," which includes meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and a treasure chest of reminders of acceptance and living in the Now. It informs the reader on healing, on being grateful and so much more. I found it hard to put down."   - Judi McMahon

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