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Total Body Balancing Techniques Certification 

The D'Ambrogio Institute Total Body Balancing Certification program is designed to bring therapists trained in DAI Total Body Balancing (TBB) recognition for their knowledge and skill in this therapeutic modality.. The benefits of TBB certification are on many levels. As a TBB-certified therapist, you

  • Affirm your capabilities and understanding of the techniques
  • Build confidence in the minds of your patient/clients that you are highly skilled in the modality
  • Receive "Certified" designation in the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners listing
  • Are eligible to use the DAI logo in your advertising and on business cards
If you are in the Total Body Balancing Core-Pak, please do not add this to your shopping cart, please complete the Applicant Data Form or  call 561.622.4334 or 800.311.9204

$400.00 (USD)