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IAHE is a coalition of healthcare curriculum developers and institutes united to advance innovative therapies through high-quality continuing-education programs. IAHE provides an extensive array of information for patient education and wellness. Extended and intensive treatment programs are available from IAHE trained therapists.

EBOOK-Anatomy of Yoga

EBOOK-for your computer or digital device Anatomy of Yoga is a guide to the different roles played by muscles in yoga practice. Through helpful examples that illustrate individual poses and how each one engages one or more muscles, the reader is able to distinguish and understand their various roles. This in turn, leads to a more enlightened and beneficial yoga experience. 

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EBOOK-A Touch Better; Two Therapists’ Journeys and Lessons Learned

EBOOK-for your computer or digital device A Touch Better describes how Dr. John E. Upledger’s work of CranioSacral Therapy (CST) inspired a shared journey of two therapists who put his work into practice. This book offers a promise of guidance for newer students to embrace the work, as well as for the sage therapist who is interested in learning about how the Upledger Institute International came into being. Embedded are personal observations of “Dr. John’s” philosophy and character, and his eventual rise to become one of Time magazine’s Top 100 Healthcare Innovators of the 21st Century.

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Fascial Decoding; Fascia: At the Heart of Manual Therapy

BOOK - Decoding Fascia; Fascia: At the Heart of Manual Therapy
Numerous studies have demonstrated the importance of fasciae in the organization and management of the functioning of the body: their mechanical role is essential, as well as their interrelation with physiological and biochemical phenomena. The fascia connects all the structures of the body; it extends inside the cell to the nucleus thanks to microfilaments and microtubules and, through them, via the phenomena of mechano-conduction, it manages the organization of the cell. We come from a single cell, possessing a hereditary memory, which will give billions of cells. This means that each cell is capable of memory and that this memory is omnipresent, including at the peripheral level. The fascia is also a privileged support of memory and a vector of psychosomatics and somatopsychic.

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IPPTSD November 13-17, 2023 Palm Beach, Florida

Upledger’s outpatient programs provide intensive therapy for special needs and offer some of the most innovative healthcare currently available anywhere in the world.  Each program features a specially selected team of clinicians and skilled visiting therapists working together. Participants benefit from hands-on therapy that includes both one-on-one and multiple-therapist sessions, as well as supportive group sessions.

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