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Online Video-Upledger-CST Via the Matrix; Expressing our Embryology

Carol McLellan CMT, CST-D

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**Prerequisite to be able to purchase this program is completion of SER1 seminar.
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CST Via the Matrix; Expressing our Embryology

Note: Aspects of this class previously taught in CCPB2. Class content has been revised to focus on work with adults. The format has also been updated to include this online class, followed by the hands-on, in-person 3-day class. 
What happens during gestation and birth can leave life-long imprints. In this 6-hour online class, you will use your CST skills to journey into your own birth — the epigenetics, as well as the prenatal and birth experiences that have created and shaped who you are. This is a beautiful entry point into transforming your birth experience into a positive cellular memory.
You will spend this class working with your Inner Physician.
Learn about Dr. Upledger’s work with intention, cell talk and quantum health.
Discover new techniques combining CST to arc into your birth imprints and how they have affected your physical and emotional health.
Explore ancestral blueprints and their lasting influence on you and future generations.
Gain a better understanding of how birth changes the planet.
This class wonderfully prepares you for the next seminar in this 2-part series:
CST Via the Matrix; Addressing our Primal Health by Embodying our Embryology
From Carol McLellan, Class Developer:
In 2004 when I was sitting with Dr. Upledger going over the soon-to-be-birthed CCPB curriculum, we realized there was too much information for one class, hence the birth of the two classes.
The most effective way to learn embryology from a CST perspective is to have students treat one another’s own experience of their birth journey from conception to postpartum. By embodying the anatomical development, we gain a deeper understanding of the potential emotional, energetic, and epigenetic implications.
This helps the students gain a better comprehension of our development and birth. It can release negative birth imprints and transform our development into a more positive story. It also helps us become better practitioners by doing our own birth work, which enables us to hold a more therapeutic presence with our clients.
In 2014 I was going over the CCPB curriculum with John Matthew Upledger. We discussed that Dr. Upledger thought this curriculum should be a prerequisite to other advanced classes because we are all born and we carry our birth imprints with us throughout life. It is not uncommon to treat adults whose current health issues come from their birth experience.
With great honor and respect, this updated curriculum is dedicated to Dr John E. Upledger and John Matthew Upledger.