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IAHE is pleased to provide you with a peer-reviewed selection of items to complement your practice and your professional education.

Brain Stars, Glia Illuminating CranioSacral Therapy

BOOK - The author, Tad Wanveer, is also the illustrator of this book. He uses an abundance of images along with words to convey the essential interworking of neurons, glia, vasculature, and the craniosacral system (CSS). Glial cell function was once thought to primarily provide the central nervous system (CNS) with structural support.

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The Song, The Transformational Power of Grief

BOOK - The Song is a book that goes beyond theorizing about grief. It deals with steps that help to support and comfort someone immediately after a loved one dies, as well as providing guidance through the months and years that follow. The book offers a different perception of grief and of what the death of a loved one can bring into your life. In spite of the immense pain of the loss, the transformational power of grief can take one beyond what one could imagine.

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Gee Bear and the Journey Through Sadness

BOOK - Lee Nugan, author of The Song, has written a children’s book on grief titled: Gee Bear and the Journey through Sadness. Lee Nugan, a psychotherapist for over 30 years, wrote the book after working with many children and adults through the grieving process.

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Total Body Balancing 1: Fundamentals Home Study Program

DVD - Home Study Program-Total Body Balancing-The TBB1: Fundamentals DVD explains the principles and practice of Total Body Balancing. It is divided into an easy to use format allowing you to view the full body evaluation and treatment from beginning to end, or to view each phase individually: Supine, Prone, Left Side Lying, Right Side Lying and Seated.

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Fascial Manipulation for Musculoskeletal Pain

BOOK - Fascial Manipulation for Musculoskeletal Pain presents to all people dealing with Rehabilitation a new therapeutic tool that gives very good results for the treatment of musculoskeletal pathologies. Such pathologies usually involve joints, nerves, muscles, yet a proper therapy should first of all focus on the most malleable tissue: the fascia.
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Fascial Manipulation - Practical Part

BOOK - Welcome to an exciting new field in musculoskeletal therapy: the world of fascia. Fascia forms a continuous tensional network throughout the human body, covering and connecting every single organ, every muscle, and even every nerve or tiny muscle fiber. After several decades of severe neglect, this ubiquitous tissue has transformed from the "Cinderella of orthopaedic science" into an almost super star position within medical research.

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