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A Manual Approach to the Brain: Part 1; DVD 02 - The Eye, the Visual Sense, the Sense of Smell and of Taste

DVD - Barral demonstrates how to work simply with what is considered the most complex organ of the human body—the brain. The DVDs contain a series of manual evaluations and treatments. The material presented was developed from concrete insights coming from Barral’s clinical work with the brain over the past four decades. 

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SET-3 Home Study Programs - Fascial Balancing

Set of 3 Fascial Balancing Home Study Programs - The complete set of all 3 Fascial Balancing Home Study Programs outline a full body fascial evaluation and a soft tissue treatment approach to treat fascial tension or scar tissue.  It is divided into an easy to use format allowing you to view the full body fascial evaluation and to view each individual FB treatment technique for the upper body, lower body and cranium.   

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