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Systems Informed Bodymind Therapy: The Body

Prerequisite to purchase this program:  CST Working with Chronic Depletion (CSWCD) seminar attendance, as well as a good working knowledge and facility with the skills presented in that class including the epicenter technique, palpation of rev, influence/witness, and an iterative style of working.

Online Self-Paced Study and Mentorship / Community

Systems Informed Bodymind Therapy: The Body is offered with developer Eric Moya, RMT, CST-D and IAHE. It is an exciting self-paced course that furthers the building of an approach to manual therapy that combines leading edge manual therapy approaches with an understanding of leading edge mental health approaches. The ultimate goal of SIBT is to build an integrated manual therapy for the body, mind, spirit, and soul, and this course puts the focus on the body within that integrated whole. Featuring a unique combination of online self-paced elements, online live mentorship, and in-person treatment elements, the SIBT curriculum uses detailed educational practices to help its students learn the material deeply and be able to apply it to clinical work based on your scope of practice.

Structure of the Course:

The SIBT curriculum and this course features the very best of both online and in-person education and mentorship to ensure useful and practical skills for the practitioner. Upon registration, you will have access to the online lectures and technique demonstrations of the course, as well as the online mentoring community and live mentoring calls. The therapist retreat requirements of the certification process can be done at any time during your education (or even multiple times), but is recommended as part of the completion of the course.

1) Self-Paced Online Portion:

The 20 modules include pre-recorded lectures and technique demonstrations. There are also journal assignments, reflection assignments, practice assignments, and time recommendations between the modules to encourage deep learning on the part of the learner. And because all learners have differing strengths and preferences, the modules can be completed at any pacing comfortable for the student, as long as there is a focus on learning the material deeply. The recommended time for the course is 3 months, but you may go through at the pace as you see fit.

2) Online Mentorship & Community:

Upon successful registration, the learner is also invited to join our online community of students on Facebook, as well as join our regularly scheduled live mentorship Zoom calls where the students may ask questions about the material, discuss the assignments/reflection prompts, and build community. The price of live and online mentorship is included in the overall price of the course. In addition to the regularly scheduled group mentorship calls, the course fees also include 2 half hour 1x1 mentorship sessions.

3) Special Event Therapist Retreat (may attend at any time) :

The therapist retreats are a time for participants studying SIBT to deepen hands-on skills, receive personalized feedback from peers and the instructor, as well as an opportunity to receive the work. Therapist retreats can be done at any time, but are usually recommended upon completion of one of the online modules. The retreats are 3-days in length with a limited number of 12 participants.

The structure of the retreats will be 3 full days of contact and education, culminating in a celebratory group dinner. In the mornings of the retreats, there will be a paper presented on a particular topic related to SIBT and a follow up group discussion. In the afternoon, the participants will be divided into 3 or 4 groups and do "round-robin" style treatments on each other under supervision from the course instructor. The therapist retreats will be full days, so participants are encouraged to arrive the day before the retreat and not leave until the day after the retreat. Students are welcome to attend the therapist retreat at any time during their education, or even multiple times, but are encouraged to attend a retreat towards the end of the self-paced information, so they can receive feedback and mentorship on the skills contained in this course.  Therapist retreats are an additional fee, contact for more details.

Cohort Process and “Group Starts”

We have set September 1, 2022 as the “group start” for this SIBT: The Body course. The group start is placed there for those learners who do well with online education, but would also like to have the cohort experience of going through the material alongside other classmates. Once a new group start begins, we will begin scheduling the mentor calls over 12 weeks to match the suggested timeline for the cohort working through the material.

It is not a requirement to wait until the group start. For those self-paced learners who are content to work through the material on their own without the accountability and support of the group start, they are welcome to register and begin working through the material at any time. The Facebook discussion group and joining current virtual study groups and peer supervision groups for support will always be option at any point within the program.

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NOTE:  After completion of your purchase, you will receive an email with details for accessing the program.