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Ancestral Inheritance

AUDIO - This music uses the drum to entrain the therapist and client to more receptive state for treatment. The drum rhythm is set at 50 beats per minute. The chant is used also to attune the therapist and client to a more relaxed state.

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New Manual Articular Approach-The Elbow, Wrist and Hand

DVD - This DVD is about the treatment strategy for the “elbow wrist and hand” follows Barral's basic thoughts: all the different components of the human anatomy have to be included in our detailed palpative investigation. And the treatment follows the same philosophy. The most important theme shows up again and again, when we apply Barral's technique in practice.

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Total Body Balancing 1: Fundamentals Home Study Program

DVD - Home Study Program-Total Body Balancing-The TBB1: Fundamentals DVD explains the principles and practice of Total Body Balancing. It is divided into an easy to use format allowing you to view the full body evaluation and treatment from beginning to end, or to view each phase individually: Supine, Prone, Left Side Lying, Right Side Lying and Seated.

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