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Reference Guide-Lymphatic Balancing: Lower Quadrant

Kerry D'Ambrogio D.O.M., A.P., P.T., D.O.-M.T.P.
85 pages

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Reference Guide-Lymphatic Balancing: Lower Quadrant

Lymph Balancing for the Lower Quadrant (LBLQ) is a local treatment approach specifically designed for the orthopedic patient to release lines of tension and eliminate congestion in the lymphatic system of the lower abdomen, lumbar spine, pelvis, sacrum, lower extremity, deep lymphatic, and deep abdominal regions. 


The Reference Guide is a comprehensive collection of illustrations depicting the evaluation protocols. Each evaluation is clearly explained via illustration and supporting text. They are a supplement to the DVDs. They are great to use as a quick reference during their treatments.

This is also an excellent guidance and patient education tool for the therapist.

Companion programs also available for Lymph Balancing Upper Quadrant and Total Body.

$200.00 (USD)