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Reference Guide-Lymphatic Balancing: Upper Quadrant

Kerry D'Ambrogio DOM, AP, PT
105 pages

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Reference Guide-Lymphatic Balancing: Upper Quadrant

Lymph Balancing for the Upper Quadrant (LBUQ) is a local treatment approach specifically designed for the orthopedic patient to release lines of tension and eliminate congestion in the lymphatic system of the cranium, face, cervical/thoracic spine, ribcage, deep thorax, upper abdomen, and upper extremity.

The Reference Guide is a comprehensive collection of illustrations depicting the evaluation protocols. Each evaluation is clearly explained via illustration and supporting text. They are a supplement to the DVDs. They are great to use as a quick reference during their treatments.

This is also an excellent guidance and patient education tool for the therapist.

Companion programs also available for Lymph Balancing Lower Quadrant and Total Body.

$200.00 (USD)