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Dolphins and Their Power to Heal

Amanda Cochrane
192 Pages Paperback

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Dolphins and Their Power to Heal

Since ancient times dolphins have been known to uplift and inspire human beings through empathetic interaction. Cochrane and Callen review the myths, legends, and history of dolphins as well as current research, showing how close contact with these graceful mammals can trigger our inherent healing powers. In a rich and detailed study of dolphins, the authors explore the animals' life cycle, behavioral patterns, and methods of communication. They also give careful consideration to the well-being of the dolphins themselves, emphasizing that human/dolphin encounters should, whenever possible, occur in the animals' natural habitat and on their own terms.

The authors describe recent case studies confirming that such contact can enhance the learning abilities of the mentally handicapped, bring relief to the emotionally disturbed, and encourage recovery from life-threatening illness.

Thirty-two color photographs capture the exhilaration of swimming and interacting with dolphins.

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