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Moving from the Outside, In: One Woman's Transcendental Journey

Tracy Makarenko
296 Pages Paperback

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Moving from the Outside, In: One Woman's Transcendental Journey

Moving from the Outside, In is the story of one woman's healing pilgrimage and her quest to find life's answers as she moves from her 20s into her 30s and 40s. She struggles through her childhood conditioning and unhealthy relationships and moves into a new awareness of self-understanding where her inner power is truly revealed. As she heals her body and mind, she is taken on a spiritual awakening into the metaphysical world. At times this tale seems rather fantastical, including mystical creatures and unearthly voices. Can healing really be so complex? Yes, but also very rewarding! Experience the magic that has become her life.

About the Author:

Tracy Makarenko is an Intuitive Healer with over twenty-five courses supporting her practice. She has written many articles on the subject and hosted a weekly radio show delivering the same message. She created the workshop, Healing from the Outside, In, which compliments her book Moving from the Outside, In. Tracy believes that whole body wellness is an intimate and complex connection between spirit, mind and body and she strives to help others attain it. She lives in Okotoks, Canada with her husband, where they raised their two daughters.

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