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The Process: Soul's Journey to Oneness

Rob Fournier
194 Pages

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The Process: Soul’s Journey to Oneness

This is a guide to understanding the power we hold within. Rob Fournier shares his personal life experiences as he is able to recall his own life/death experience at birth alongside the death of his mom and dad in his early twenties to explore the depth of expansiveness and connection we all share. Throughout the book, there is a natural evolution that takes place helping to understand how as we shift our perspective, life events will correspond. Rob describes in detail the multitude of tools he uses as merely examples along his path, one of the biggest tools being Craniosacral Therapy. With the use of Craniosacral Therapy, Rob is able to recall and explore the depths within himself to facilitate release, growth, and expansion. Many examples given within the book are in dedication to this beautiful modality created by Dr. John Upledger. When coming from a heart centered place within, we are able to shine our truth and live the life of our dreams. The book facilitates the possibility and understanding that we can personally change our DNA and life story from within creating the change we desire.

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