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When Kids Fly: Solutions for Children with Sensory Integration Challenges Paperback

Sally Fryer Dietz, PT, CST-D
174 Pages

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When Kids Fly: Solutions for Children with Sensory Integration Challenges, Paperback

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(Second Edition to be released Fall 2023)

Filled with insights from the author Sally Fryer Dietz's years of physical and sensory integration therapy that you can take from the school to your home, When Kids Fly is written in a conversational tone that makes it perfect for parents, friends, teachers, and medical professionals, alike.

Starting from the moment that Dietz realized that something ''wasn't quite right'' with her son, and allowing us to follow them (and others) through to his adulthood, this one-of-a-kind book ties the practical to both the professional and the personal.

When Kids Fly can help you figure out when to worry about your child's development, when not to worry, and what options are available--no matter where your child falls on the spectrum of sensory motor integration. It is a wonderful resource for those who really want to help children discover their wings as they grow towards maturity and learn to fly on their own.


Excellent book for practitioners to make available for their clients. Purchase in bulk for client education.



''Early in her long career, Sally Fryer Dietz vowed to make profound differences in the lives of children with sensory-motor development issues. When Kids Fly is a guidebook for parents eager to give their children every advantage as they grow up, one that will also greatly benefit teachers and medical professionals dedicated to bringing the best to the children in their care. It's also a moving and spirit-lifting account of how Sally Fryer Dietz's own dedication to her work has dramatically bettered the lives of thousands of children, including her own son. A must-have book for all parents who want their children to fly!'' 

--Kenneth Salyer, M.D., author of A Life That Matters


''When Kids Fly, is a breakthrough book that will change the lives of thousands of children who currently struggle with developmental delays and learning differences. Read it and share it with other parents, teachers, and medical caregivers. It's a book that proves that every child can grow up successfully with the right kind of help and encouragement, regardless of the initial obstacles she faces. Sally Fryer Dietz is a nationally renowned developmental specialist who has made it her life's work to help children grow into happy and productive adults. This is an enormously important new book!'' 

--Judy Kyle, Ph.D., Family Counselor, Dallas Texas


"This was recommended reading because a young relative began to have therapy at Ms Dietz's clinic. The chapters explain and give hope to families who have children experiencing sensory difficulties. And explain how different treatment modalities are implemented and integrated."     


--S. Avramis


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