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DVD-Studio/Classroom Set of 10

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DVD-Studio/Classroom Set of 10

The professionally produced set of 10 DVDs give you a front-row view of Dr. John Upledger as he applies his signature techniques to special cases.  
Studio Series - 4 DVDs
Classroom Series - 6 DVDs

Studio Series (4):
CranioSacral Therapy 10-Step Protocol:

  • Explores each of the 10 basic techniques developed by Dr. Upledger, with special attention on hand placement. Includes three points of interest not on the original 10-Step Protocol video: still point techniques from the feet, sacral still point and therapeutic pulse. (60 min.)

The Avenue of Expression and the Masticatory System:
  • Shows you how to use CranioSacral Therapy techniques for the mouth and teeth. (38 min.)

Energy Cysts and SomatoEmotional Release with Therapeutic Imagery and Dialogue:
  • Dr. Upledger works with a young woman who experiences a powerful SomatoEmotional Release (SER) for the first time. Also includes a shorter, less intense SER in which Dr. Upledger's patient relives a near-fatal drowning accident. (66 min.)

The Voice of the Body: Whole-Body Diagnosis:
  • Dr. Upledger demonstrates an integrated approach to whole-body evaluation and treatment while describing the various psychological phenomena that occur. (26 min.)

Classroom Series (6):
  • These DVDs complement the professional studio DVDs by showing you unedited workshop demonstrations complete with spontaneous observations, and questions and answers from instructors and students.
Patient Treatment Sequence, Part I and II:
  • Dr. Upledger performs an actual treatment using the 10-Step Protocol. Since he waits for the patient's response to each technique before continuing on to the next step, the tape runs longer than the 10-Step Protocol DVD. (148 min.)

CranioSacral Therapy for the Hard Palate:
  • Offers specific coverage of CST and the mouth, hard palate, sphenoid, maxillae, palatines, vomer bone and maxillary palatine complex. (117 min.)

Energy Cysts (Part I) and SomatoEmotional Release (Part II):
  • In Part I Dr. Upledger answers questions on how the body's defense system localizes pain in contained areas, creating "energy cysts." In Part II he explains the differences between working with an energy cyst and beginning an SER. (103 min.)

Full-Body Diagnosis - Classroom Lecture and Demonstration:
  • Begins with a comprehensive description of Dr. Upledger's clinical experiences at Michigan State University. Discusses facilitated segments, arcing, active lesions, cranial rhythm, fascial immobility and intervention, followed by a full demonstration. (110 min.)

Dysfunction of the Bones of the Cranial Base:
  • Describes and discusses dysfunctions of the sphenobasilar joint, first documented by William Sutherland, DO. Dr. Upledger demonstrates evaluation and treatment in a classroom setting. (120 min.)

Infants, Children and Brain Dysfunction:
  • Explores the therapeutic value of craniosacral evaluation and treatment for infants and children. Explains the management of learning disabilities, hyperkinesis, autism, cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, and the initial treatment of newborns. (50 min.)

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