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Didactic Adult Human Skull, Magnetic, 22 part

ANATOMICAL PRODUCT - Complete disarticulated adult skull in 22 parts (Didactic colored). This is the world most scientific 22 parts bone model with the best skull bone details. It includes 22 individual bones in 9 different colors. Cast from real adult specimen this skull depicts detailed structures not seen in any other product before.

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Your Inner Physician and You SPANISH Translation

BOOK - En este libro, Dr. Upledger cuenta sus experiencias personales explorando y desarrollando esta suave técnica que mejora el sistema sacrocraneal, el área en la que funcionan el cerebro y la médula espinal. También se ha citado una terapia innovadora denominada Liberación Somato Emocional. Esta terapia ayuda a liberar la mente y el cuerpo de los efectos residuales de experiencias emocionales traumáticas y negativas.

This is the SPANISH edition of Your Inner Physician and You.

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Muscle Attitudes

DVD - In this film, J.C. Guimberteau, a surgeon and scientist, and J.P. Delage, a scientist, show that the muscle is a contractile structure fully inserted into the network of the multi-fibrillar system already described as being beneath and within the skin, and not separate from it.

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Souls in the Sea

BOOK - Dolphins have long been attributed with intelligence, but do they have souls? Self-awareness? Compassion? Scott Taylor, Director of the Cetacean Studies Institute, investigates the history, mythology, and science surrounding these creatures and emerges with a resounding yes.
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