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EBOOK-A Pathway to Health; How Visceral Manipulation Can Help You

Alison Harvey DC, AK, CST-D, BI-D
232 Pages

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A Pathway to Health; How Visceral Manipulation Can Help You

Foreword by Jean-Pierre Barral

The scope of this book is not to teach how to practice Visceral Manipulation, but to explain to the general public how Visceral Manipulation can help and why. The book is designed to guide a person toward a greater understanding of his/her own body, and therefore be better equipped to remain healthy and enjoy life. The book includes general information about Visceral Manipulation as a pathway to health. Each organ system is discussed, along with an overview of how Visceral Manipulation can facilitate health of the organ. Also included are case stories of real people and how Visceral Manipulation assisted them toward a healthier life.

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