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Special Seating: An Illustrated Guide

Jean Anne Zollars PT, DPT, MA, BI-D
373 pages

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Special Seating: An Illustrated Guide

Special Seating: An Illustrated Guide (Revised Edition) can be used by anyone involved in the seating process: from beginners through people who consider themselves experts. It has been referred to by seating specialists as an "indispensable resource" and an "essential item for every seating clinician's toolbox".

Jean Anne published her first edition of Special Seating: An Illustrated Guide in 1996 following her work with people with disabilities in countries ranging from Malaysia to the United States. At that time there was not a guide to assess and design appropriate seating and mobility systems for people with disabilities. She wrote the book to fill that void.

Now, 14 years later, she has revised and expanded her work. The revised edition provides:

  • A step-by step process to evaluate and design seating/mobility systems
  • Easy-to-read text and clear illustrations
  • A new chapter on seating and mobility considerations for people with specific conditions
  • Review of current best practices and research from seating experts worldwide
  • Emphasis on "hand simulation"
  • More ideas using simulation with materials
  • New design ideas, guidelines and fitting tips
  • Updated assessment forms
  • Innovative ideas for people working in less-resourced settings

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