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Total Body Balancing 1 Reference Guide

Kerry D'Ambrogio D.O.M., A.P., P.T., D.O.-M.T.P.
8" x 12.5" book

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Total Body Balancing 1 Reference Guide

Total Body Balancing (TBB) is a specifically designed curriculum that uses a maximal approach to evaluate and treat the Total Body Lesion. Expanding on the teachings/ works of John Wernham, DO and based on the principle of holism, TBB teaches a criterion-based Total Body Evaluation and a Five Phase Treatment Approach that uses long levers (arms, legs, head/neck, or torso) to release lines of tension throughout the entire musculoskeletal system (muscle, fascia, joint capsules, and ligaments) and balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. This long lever rhythmic mobilization influences ALL body systems (lymphatic, visceral, craniosacral, myofascial, and musculoskeletal systems), improving general circulation, modulating the nervous system, and opening energetic flow. As a result, the TBB treatment effect provides a framework to better support and integrate specific local treatments. 

Level 1 (TBB1) teaches the fundamental TBB treatment protocol that consists of Total Body Evaluation, Five Phase Treatment Approach, and Re-Evaluation. At times, however, there still may be lines of tension found on ReEvaluation affecting the area of complaint. In both Level 2 (TBB2) and Level 3 (TBB3), advanced positional techniques are taught to address these residual lines of tension. Intended to supplement the fundamental techniques from Level 1 (TBB1), these advanced techniques can be applied either during or at the end of the treatment session to augment the treatment effect and improve outcomes. Additionally, for patients who cannot tolerate certain treatment positions indicated in the Five Phase Treatment Approach, the advanced techniques taught in Level 2 (supine/prone) and Level 3 (side lying/sitting) can be used to create a complete TBB treatment protocol in a position of comfort.

This TBB1 Reference Guide Contents: 
• Phase I: Supine Techniques 
• Phase II: Prone Techniques 
• Phase III//IV: Side Lying Techniques 
• Phase V: Seated Technique

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"I’ve been doing manual therapy for 17 years, so it’s hard to impress me. I see TBB as the next piece to add to my CST and VM work. This 3rd modality makes perfect sense for the work I have been doing. And the comprehensive DVDs and Reference Guides show clearly how it is done.

"Since I am slowly integrating TBB in my practice I am only doing the 1st Phase, however yesterday I had an amazing result! A patient shows up in my practice after 5 years of not seeing her, complaining about sharp sciatic pain, so acute she did not stand up from her chair to greet me. I thought to myself... she might not tolerate TBB for how acute she was, but from the moment I lifted her leg and did the first technique, she reported feeling less pain, and by the time I finished the 1st Phase 10 minutes later she had no pain at all! I still worked on her sacrum and cranium with CST, but by that time her sciatic pain was completely gone. 

"I feel like a kid with a new toy, so very enthusiastic!"

- Herbert Carty, CS1 & CS2 Upledger Instructor

 Total Body Balancing Reference Guide and DVD Series: 

• TBB1: Fundamentals 
• TBB2: Advanced Supine and Prone Techniques 
• TBB3: Advanced Side Lying and Seated Techniques 
• TBEV: Total Body Evaluation

$95.00 (USD)