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Online Video-Barral-Manual Articular Approach: Spine and Pelvis Virtual Review

Online Video-for your computer or digital device - Manual Articular Approach: Spine and Pelvis Virtual Review - The program will include an excerpt from BI Interconnected, featuring Roberto Bonanzinga, titled: Feel First, Think After. While working live with a new patient, Roberto will share the approach to determining the Barral modalities applicable to the patient. He will discuss compensatory patterns found during the evaluation process and the resulting changes after treatment. This presentation will switch between the hands-on practice and the explanation on the whiteboard, and will include PowerPoint images concerning the anatomy of reference.

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Fascial Decoding; Fascia: At the Heart of Manual Therapy

BOOK - Decoding Fascia; Fascia: At the Heart of Manual Therapy
Numerous studies have demonstrated the importance of fasciae in the organization and management of the functioning of the body: their mechanical role is essential, as well as their interrelation with physiological and biochemical phenomena. The fascia connects all the structures of the body; it extends inside the cell to the nucleus thanks to microfilaments and microtubules and, through them, via the phenomena of mechano-conduction, it manages the organization of the cell. We come from a single cell, possessing a hereditary memory, which will give billions of cells. This means that each cell is capable of memory and that this memory is omnipresent, including at the peripheral level. The fascia is also a privileged support of memory and a vector of psychosomatics and somatopsychic.

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