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AUDIO-A Guided Layered Palpation -Thoracic Organs and Structures

Ron Mariotti ND, BI-D

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A Guided Layered Palpation - Thoracic Organs and Structures

In each of these layered palpations, Barral Institute Faculty Member Ron Mariotti, ND, BI-D, will guide you through the various layers of tissue and structures associated with a particular organ within the thoracic cavity. They are, in essence, “visceral meditations.” Enhance your anatomy knowledge and palpation skills with this revolutionary technique.

Each “visceral meditation” is set to soothing music, the goal of which is to help enhance your learning, as it balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. This allows you to listen and feel through the various layers without a lot of mental chatter.

Set of three CDs with a total of 7 tracks.

Disc 1:

  • Cervical fascia and structures
  • Thyroid gland and structures
    • 57.33 minutes
Disc 2:
  • Anterior thoracic hard frame and structures
  • Posterior thoracic hard frame and structures
  • Lungs, pleura and structures
    • 76.72 minutes
Disc 3:
  • Pericardium, heart and structures
  • Mediastinum, thoracic plexi and structures
    • 55.73 minutes

Give yourself permission to feel everything! Some of these are very subtle layers of tissue and require you to use your wonderful ability to visualize. If you struggle feeling a structure please do not get stressed.  Play and allow yourself the space to feel… even when you doubt yourself. Allow yourself the space to feel things in a completely new and different way.

The first time you listen to a track do so with an anatomy book in front you.  Visualize and imagine your hand feeling these various tissues. Then, the second time you go through this experience do so with your hands on a person.

Most importantly have fun!

Click to hear a sample of the Layered Palpation Series.

$42.95 (USD)