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Advanced Visceral Manipulation; Neuroendocrine Approach
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Jean-Pierre Barral DO
337 pages

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Introducing one of Jean-Pierre Barral's Newest Textbook!

Advanced Visceral Manipulation; Neuroendocrine Approach to the Abdomen

This book is different, yet complementary to the books series of Visceral Manipulation and Visceral Manipulation II. Advanced Visceral Manipulation presents a global approach to dysfunctions of the abdomen, with innovative considerations as to how practitioners can have an influence on the neuroendocrine system. The focus is on Visceral Manipulation techniques that work with the neuroendocrine system, together with their effects on the abdomen and implications for the lower extremities.

Each anatomical area (greater omentum, peritoneum, aorta, diaphragm, stomach, duodenum, pancreas, spleen, gallbladder, liver, small intestine, colon, kidneys, adrenal glands, and inguinal canal) is presented in the same manner: an introduction to anatomy, followed by vascularization, innervation, simplified embryology, and physiology.

Osteoarticular relationships complete each chapter. More than one hundred original anatomical drawings and photos accompany detailed descriptions of the various tests and techniques.

This comprehensive book is addressed to all osteopaths and practitioners of manual therapy who wish to strengthen their knowledge and learn new evaluation and therapeutic skills.

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