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Set-A Manual Approach to the Brain; Part 1 - Set of 3
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A Manual Approach to the Brain, Part 1

Jean-Pierre Barral 3 DVD Program - Part 1 of the Brain Series

The three DVDs in the Brain 1 Series, presented by Jean-Pierre Barral, show an innovative manual approach to working with the brain. These are the first three DVDs in a larger series about the brain. 

The DVDs contain a series of manual evaluations and treatments. For each of the treatments covered, by way of original illustrations by Jean-Pierre Barral, the related anatomical and physiological basis is explained with clarity.

Barral demonstrates how to work simply with what is considered the most complex organ of the human body—the brain. The technique demonstrations show Barral addressing the brain and its associated nervous and vascular connections as the ‘content’ of the human head. The demonstrations serve to shine new light on the rich knowledge that is the foundation of manual osteopathy and many other manual modalities.

The material presented was developed from concrete insights coming from Barral’s clinical work with the brain over the past four decades. The material brings together and clarifies Barral’s other legacies—Visceral Manipulation, Neural Manipulation, and Visceral Vascular Manipulation. The work with the brain is put in the context of working with the many subdivisions of the human organism.

The material assists manual therapy practitioners to view systemic diseases in a new light. This includes discussions about such conditions as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and Multiple Sclerosis. Barral discusses such pathologies and highlights the limitations of manual therapy with regards to helping people with these conditions. He then describes—convincingly—how a manual approach to the brain may transcend these limitations and help alleviate symptoms that people are experiencing due to these diseases. Barral shares how precise manual therapy may encourage the central nervous system to self-repair and thus may help people with certain conditions. The practitioner will also learn ways to help people who have had a stroke or ictus.

Through the material, one sees that including the brain as part of manual therapy is novel. It enables one to work with patients who suffer from dysfunctions of their sensory organs, especially in instances where mechanical trauma has led to the patient's inability to smell, to hear, or to see. Because the brain is inherently plastic, the tools that the practitioner will learn enables him or her, in Barral's own words, to help restore 'inner bridges' within the brain, which is vital to the life of those facing difficulties.

In short, the principle underlying A MANUAL APPROACH TO THE BRAIN is the striking of a balance between the ease of minimum manual effort and the finesse of maximum manual precision. The revolutionary techniques offered open new doors to the practitioner, equipping him or her with the means to help reactivate areas of their patients' brains, facilitating connectedness into their patients’ organism, which for numerous reasons had been disrupted.

DVD 01 Highlights  General Overview, “Brain Functional Listening,” and a Complete Treatment Demonstration after Mechanical Trauma

  • General overview
  • Landmarks and function
  • Brain functional listening theory
  • 11 treatment demonstrations
  • 57 minutes

DVD 02 Highlights  The Eye, the Visual Sense, the Sense of Smell and the Sense of Taste

  • Vascularization of the brain
  • The eye, the oculomotor system, and its connection to the optic nerve
  • Visual pathways
  • Sense of smell
  • Sense of taste
  • 24 treatment demonstrations
  • 77 minutes 

DVD 03 Highlights – The Sphenoid, the Limbic System and the Ventricular System

  • Sphenoid crossroads
  • Limbic system - Emotional system
  • Emotional treatment in “Post Stress” situations
  • Movement and motor planning
  • Ventricular system and cerebrospinal fluid
  • 17 treatment demonstrations
  • 84 minutes

If you are interested in these DVDs in PAL format, please order through the producers - Munich Group Media PAL DVDs

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