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DVD New Manual Articular Approach - The Lumbar Spine and Pelvis

Jean-Pierre Barral DO
58 minutes

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New Manual Articular Approach - The Lumbar Spine and Pelvis

New Manual Articular Approach (MAA) is a manual therapy modality that applies a comprehensive approach to the treatment of joints. It integrates all aspects of the joint including the nerve, artery, bone, capsule, and ligaments, as well as visceral and emotional connections. MAA delves into the joints like never before. It examines the nerves of each joint, along with the arteries, meniscus, ligaments, capsule attachments and folds. It incorporates soft tissue mobilization of the associated bones, while looking at direct and indirect relationships between the bones of the body. The relationship between the viscera and the joints is not widely understood. MAA shows how interconnected they are and that without addressing this visceral connection many joint issues may not fully resolve. The application of the gentle MAA techniques improves the body’s ability to heal and restore itself to optimal health.

This DVD about the manual treatment of the vertebral spine focuses on the lumbar spine and the pelvis. The techniques shown by Jean-Pierre Barral are based on the New Manual Articular Approach he developed in cooperation with Alain Croibier. The underlying philosophy may be best characterized by Barral’s advice to respect the integrity of the individual organism, and to include all the components of the body into a detailed mode of evaluation and treatment.

The DVD shows the full spectrum of the lumbar spine and the pelvis by demonstrating innovative treatments for:

  • The skin and the dorsal nerves
  • The facet joints and intervertebral disks of the lumbar spine
  • The dorsal (posterior) lumbar ligament
  • The disk’s viscoelasticity
  • The intertransversal ligaments
  • The various ligaments within the lumbar spine and the pelvis
  • The lateral ligaments of the sacrococcygeal area
  • The first coccygeal nerve
  • The lumbar, renal, hemiazygos and azygos vein via the left kidney
  • The posturo-emotional connections

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