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Visceral Mobility and Motility - Comprehensive Illustrated Collection of Visceral Motion

Jean Pierre Barral DO
8 1/2" x 14"

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Visceral Mobility and Motility Testing - Comprehensive Illustrated Collection of Visceral Motion

This table-top flipchart is a comprehensive collection of over 100 anatomical drawings depicting the mobility and motility patterns of healthy organs. The mobility and motility of each organ is clearly explained via illustration, as well as accompanied by supporting text. A hidden pop-open easel displays the table-top chart and spiral binding along the top allows for easy flipping from one page to the next.

Visceral Manipulation evaluates the organs for two types of movement: mobility and motility. Visceral Mobility is the movement of the viscera in response to external forces. Motility is caused by the organ’s own intrinsic, active motion (motility).

When a particular tissue is ill, it loses its elasticity, disrupts the patient’s membranous equilibrium, and becomes a new axis or pivot point for the motions of mobility and motility.


"This TableTop Flip Chart is a 'must have' for all Visceral Manipulation Therapists."

Gail Wetzler, Director of Curriculum

"The chart is helpful to have in my treatment room, open to an organ I may be working with a client. I still, after many years, want to check the motility to make sure I have it correct. The size and presentation of the motility is clear and easy to view."

RHJ, P.T., Great Barrington, MA

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