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Online Video-Barral-SET of 4 Anatomy Series – Visceral Manipulation

Online Video-for your computer or digital device - Online Video-Barral-SET of 4 Anatomy Series – Visceral Manipulation - Each segment in this series will provide in depth discussion with a visceral perspective. The presentations are designed to enrich your knowledge and enhance your practice with a greater understanding of organ specific fascial and soft tissue connections and their connection to pain and dysfunction. The BI Faculty have studied for many years and are able to encapsulate many years of knowledge to bring it to you and your practice.

The content will delve into
~anatomy of a specific organ and it's relationship to its surrounding anatomy
~pertinent dissection slides of unembalmed donor
~using models of organs, the presenter will demonstrate each organ’s movement patterns
~self palpation as it relates to clinical application

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Fascial Decoding; Fascia: At the Heart of Manual Therapy

BOOK - Fascial Decoding; Fascia: At the Heart of Manual Therapy  
Numerous studies have shown the importance of fascia in the organization and functioning of the body: its mechanical role is essential, as well as its interrelation with physiological and biochemical phenomena.
Fascia connects all the structures of the body. Inside the cell, it extends into the nucleus by way of microfilaments and microtubules and, through them and via the mechanoconduction phenomena, fascia manages the organization of the cell. We emerge from a single cell possessing a hereditary memory, which then creates billions of cells. This indicates that each cell is capable of memory and that this memory is omnipresent, even at the peripheral levels of the body. Fascia is a privileged support of memory and a vector of psychosomatics and the psyche.

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