IAHP.com is undergoing unscheduled maintenance. To find a therapist, the IAHP Medallion Members are listed here.  The complete list of trained therapists will be published as soon as possible. Therapists are listed by country, then state/province, then zip/postal code.

Therapists Certified in one or more modalities are in bold, blue font.

First Name
Last Name
Prof Title
Donna Jacobson RMT Calgary AB T2X 4J7 Canada 403.390.0809
Andrea Ellis P.T. Calgary AB T2Y 0H7 Canada  
Jillian Dean MO Calgary AB T2Z 0V5 Canada 867.335.4932
Bernadette Galway RN Calgary AB T2Z 2H1 Canada 403.254.1398
Christina Ferrel RMT Calgary AB T2Z 2L2 Canada 1 403.615.2314
Pamela Van Luven BSc, RMT Calgary AB T2z 2X5 Canada 403.512.9525
Belinda Pyle R.M.T. Calgary AB T2Z 4C4 Canada 403.512.3779
Rena Vaudry RMT, RYT Calgary AB T2Z 4K7 Canada 403.614.7005
Terry Lunney R.M.T. Calgary AB T3A 1S2 Canada 403.270.9588
Melina Roberts ND Calgary AB T3A 2N1 Canada 403.247.4646
Jeanette Stamp RMT Calgary AB T3A 3W5 Canada 403.467.2681
Ivy Young RMT Calgary AB T3B 1Y6 Canada 780.381.7579
Sydney Lybbert CMT CALGARY AB T3B 5H5 Canada 403.892.2911
Brennan Wilson RMT Calgary AB T3C 0E2 Canada 587.578.4224
Nora Kowalsky RMT Calgary AB T3C 2Y8 Canada  
Eryn Tippe Athletic Therapist Calgary AB T3E 2G5 Canada 780.827.1238
Janine Gotzke RMT Calgary AB T3E 2M3 Canada 403.988.8425
Mark Ellis C.M.T. Calgary AB T3E 3G6 Canada 403.620.1259
Dennis Valdez PhD, CAT(C), ATC Calgary AB T3E 3G8 Canada 403.440.8669
Carla Crowe BA, BN, RN, RMT,CST-T Calgary AB T3E 4N6 Canada 403.669.9440
Kerri Downer Athletic Therapist Calgary AB T3E6K6 Canada 403.440.6224
Maxfield Green RMT Calgary AB T3G 1E2 Canada  
Josee Galipeau RMT, Reiki Master Calgary AB T3G 1E2 Canada 403.852.0123
Michael Wood RMT Calgary AB T3H 0A2 Canada 403.809.2864
Lynda Fung Certified Medical Assistant Calgary AB T3H 2W9 Canada 403.973.6632
Erin Blanchard   Edmonton AB T3H 3H3 Canada 780.964.0777
Anick Brouillet RMT Calgary AB T3H 5A9 Canada 403.503.9930
Lori Reinbold CCW, RMT Calgary AB T3L 1P8 Canada 403.922.6185
Andrea Engi RMT Calgary AB T3L 3B8 Canada 403.836.1663
Toni Nash   Calgary AB T3M 0G5 Canada 403.998.4748
Andre Benoit   Airdrie AB T4A 0H3 Canada 403.926.8891
Audrey Ford-Lecorps RT Airdrie AB T4A 1W4 Canada 403.945.0588
Denise Gagné Williamson LMT, CST-T Airdrie AB T4B 2G4 Canada 403.863.3922
Janine Brigan RMT Rocky View County AB T4B 2R3 Canada 403.710.7042
Kari Rose RMT Cochrane AB T4C 1J5 Canada 403.605.3589
Kristina Will RMT Cochrane AB T4C 2B2 Canada 403.807.0893
Alison Frederick RMT Cochrane AB T4C1V1 Canada 780.966.5733
Tasha Oracheski   Innisfail AB T4G 0A9 Canada 403.505.6070
Lori Harris R.AC, TCMD Olds AB T4H 1P4 Canada 403.586.5674
Miranda May Stuckey RMT Blackfalds AB T4M0L6 Canada 403.598.4262
Belem Hernandez RMT Red Deer AB T4P 1J8 Canada 403.352.7698
Bernadette Korth RMT Red Deer AB T4P 3K3 Canada 403.304.5280
Jeannette Raskin R.M.T. Red Deer AB T4R 1N1 Canada 403.597.8821
Abbas Naghipour OT, RMT Red Deer AB T4R 2E1 Canada 403.340.0820
Kim Landers   Red Deer AB T4R2R9 Canada  
Cheryl Shold   Camrose AB T4V 1X6 Canada 780.608.1515
Coreen Kaiser RMT Beaumont AB T4X 1B9 Canada 780.499.6849
Echoe Mah   Edmonton AB T5e5r6 Canada 587.565.5505
Tannas McLaughlin   Edmonton AB T5G 1E9 Canada 780.619.4781
Anne Mageau DNM, RMT, RNCP, DIPK, ROHP EDMONTON AB T5H 2K2 Canada 780.471.2361
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