IAHP.com is undergoing unscheduled maintenance. To find a therapist, the IAHP Medallion Members are listed here.  The complete list of trained therapists will be published as soon as possible. Therapists are listed by country, then state/province, then zip/postal code.

Therapists Certified in one or more modalities are in bold, blue font.

First Name
Last Name
Prof Title
Peter Melnychuk RMT Edmonton AB T5K 0L4 Canada 780.482.8960
Lilliana Nguyen RMT Edmonton AB T5N 1P6 Canada 780.995.3517
Heidi Hanninen R.M.T. Edmonton AB T5P 2T9 Canada 780.721.0508
Kaitlin McLaughlin RMT Edmonton AB T5R 2M8 Canada 587.228.4548
Naomi Sachs A.C.H.N, PFT Edmonton AB T5S 0E2 Canada 780.265.0940
Elena Fursova RMT Edmonton AB T5S0K7 Canada 780.460.9679
Linda Quinn PT Edmonton AB T5T 1L6 Canada 780.443.4473
Norman Hallett   Edmonton AB T5T 2A2 Canada 780.903.0326
Carrie McFetridge RMT Edmonton AB T6A 0W2 Canada 780.686.4989
Annora Gyennin RMT Edmonton AB T6B0K2 Canada 780.918.4796
Gerri Aiudi RMT Edmonton AB T6C 1K1 Canada 780.439.6705
Rhonda Lynn RMT Edmonton AB T6C 3G1 Canada 780.993.2311
Audrey Lowe PT, Acupuncturist Edmonton AB T6C2M8 Canada 780.240.1739
Maria Linarez DMO Edmonton AB T6C2T7 Canada 780.289.9187
Dana Miller RMT Edmonton AB T6E 4M7 Canada 780.233.9642
Yvonne Roppo BA, RMT, PT Edmonton AB T6E 6M8 Canada 780.991.2630
Anna Kalinowski Certified Holistic Practitioner , Bowen Therapist, Acupressure Therapist Edmonton AB T6H 2N3 Canada 780.435.8656
Deborah Dong OT Edmonton AB T6H 4V4 Canada 780.803.4613
Marta Cegielski RMT Edmonton AB T6J 0J7 Canada 780.803.9963
Mizuho Hanaki RMT Edmonton AB T6J 4J4 Canada 780.299.2477
Amy McVeity RMT Edmonton AB T6J 5K9 Canada 780.686.2692
Genevieve Boyer RAc Edmonton AB T6J4H2 Canada 780.499.9749
Kerra Nelson C.M.T. Edmonton AB T6K 0G3 Canada 780.919.7914
Claudia Parkinson RMT, CST-T Edmonton AB T6M 2G1 Canada 780.904.2113
Iris Otterson   Edmonton AB T6M0B9 Canada 780.903.6300
Samuel Kush RMT Edmonton AB T6R 2X7 Canada 780.278.6372
Colton Desrocher RMT Edmonton AB T6W 0J3 Canada 587.785.6126
Candace Caskey Certified Rolfer Edmonton AB T6W 3C7 Canada 416.845.0983
Karen Menshik RMT Barrhead AB T7N 1N4 Canada 780.271.7003
Cara Ludwig   Spruce Grove AB T7X 0G8 Canada 780.700.5670
Kelly Watt N.M.T. Spruce Grove AB T7X 2B6 Canada 780.962.8478
Amber Van Elgort RMT, CST Spruce Grove AB T7X-4K5 Canada 587.985.2019
Kathleen Mackay RMT, CEMT Spruce Grove AB T7X0V4 Canada 403.354.1640
Ljubica Pavkovic RMT, LPN Spruce Grove AB T7Y 1G5 Canada 780.263.8142
Katie McRory RMT Parkland County AB T7Y 2R5 Canada 780.292.2797
Linda Fok RMT, MOT Sherwood Park AB T8A 0E3 Canada 587.566.5288
Anne Belohorec RN Sherwood Park AB T8A 1V5 Canada 780.718.7740
Emilaine Santos RMT Sherwood Park AB T8A 5Y5 Canada 587.988.9196
James McNeill RMT, MOT Sherwood Park AB T8A 6B3 Canada 780-410-0852
Jason Hoffos Manual Osteopathic Therapist Sherwood Park AB T8G 1B6 Canada 780.909.0678
Dawn Rae RMT St. Albert AB T8N 2H4 Canada 780.445.4461
Nicole St. Laurent RMT St.Albert AB T8N 5C9 Canada 780.271.1587
Mary Wood PT St.Albert AB AB T8N 6A5 Canada 780.460.2165
Sue Voelker RMT St. Albert AB T8N 6M6 Canada 780.817.0397
Jill Williams RMT St Albert AB T8N 6P5 Canada 780.418.0091
Janet Littleton RMT, CST-T Grande Prairie AB T8V 0C6 Canada 780.814.3097
Jade Mckenzie RMT, MOT Grande Praire AB T8X 1R6 Canada 250.787.6872
Jaime Pardy RMT Grande Prairie AB T8X 8C9 Canada 780.933.3804
Mallory Read RDH Fort Mcmurray AB T9K 2J6 Canada 902.439.4481
Margaret Bauman   Cold Lake AB T9M 1E9 Canada 780.812.8158
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