IAHP.com is undergoing unscheduled maintenance. To find a therapist, the IAHP Medallion Members are listed here.  The complete list of trained therapists will be published as soon as possible. Therapists are listed by country, then state/province, then zip/postal code.

Therapists Certified in one or more modalities are in bold, blue font.

First Name
Last Name
Prof Title
Tammy Rousseau CMT Hope BC V0x 1L0 Canada 604.712.9383
Janice Bryans RMT Kimberley BC V1A 1K8 Canada 250.427.2300
Tracey Cameron Healer Vernon BC v1b3n9 Canada 250.258.5358
Harpal Dhillon CMT Vernon BC V1H 1J6 Canada 250.308.8332
Paul Roberts D.O., CVTP Vernon BC V1H 1Z6 Canada 778.212.3892
Jennifer McKinney RMT Fort Saint John BC V1J 4M7 Canada 250.785.6774
Laureen Knox RAC Nelson BC V1L 5E1 Canada 250.354.3954
Nancy Selwood B.Sc., RMT Nelson BC V1L 5G9 Canada 250.505.3446
Marilyn Harper IEHP Langley BC V1M 0G3 Canada 604.790.7563
Christine Baseden RMT Langley BC V1M 4E6 Canada 604.999.7626
Sonja Rawlings RMT Vernon BC V1T 2A3 Canada 250.550.4727
Sharon Astwood RMT, MSc Kelowna BC V1V 1S9 Canada 250.826.7343
Tracey Hamilton RMT Kelowna BC V1V 3A9 Canada 250.863.4346
Glenda Hart BSc, PT Kelowna BC V1W 1J3 Canada 250.764.8222
Pamela Letitia DOMP, CST-T Penticton BC V2A 5P6 Canada 250.488.6796
Shanna Graham Resident Care Aide Penticton BC V2A 6J1 Canada 250.809.5151
Allison Ward RMT Penticton BC V2A5Y5 Canada 778.378.5282
Lindsay MacDonald R.M.T. Kamloops BC V2B 1N2 Canada 250.377.5657
Jenna Nicklas RMT Kamloops BC V2B1P5 Canada  
Lisa Ternes RMT Kamloops BC V2C 1N9 Canada 250.318.1787
Christine Karl ROBT Kamloops BC V2C 2C7 Canada 250.320.9960
Kerri Dunsmore CAT(C) Williams Lake BC V2G 4G1 Canada 250.946.6000
Melinda Hanyi RMT Chilliwack BC V2R 2P9 Canada 604.999.8059
Sumit Paul Singh Kainth DOMP Abbotsford BC V2S 3N7 Canada 778.685.0511
Nathalie Jones RMT Abbotsford BC V2T6S3 Canada 778-991-2889
Dawna Longley RMT Langley BC V2Y 1N5 Canada 604.427.3822
Krista Keller RMT Langley BC V2Y 1N5 Canada 604.427.3822
Hody Lye RMT Langley BC V2Y 1P5 Canada 604.513.8161
Gillian Calkins RMT, DMO Langley BC V2Z 1M9 Canada 604.250.9659
Johanne Sabourin RPT Coquitlam BC V3C 5A1 Canada 604.475.0522
Mirjana Baspaly Naturopathic Physician Anmore BC V3H5G6 Canada 778.885.2153
Joanne Woods RPT Coquitlam BC V3J 2V2 Canada 604.931.3711
Connie Keen PT Coquitlam BC V3J 6Y2 Canada 604.469.2490
Cheryl Schatz B.Sc.P.T. Coquitlam BC V3K 3A4 Canada 604.629.6559
Alison Hamper RCSW Burnaby BC V3N 1M3 Canada 604.833.4112
Lenora Klassen PT, CNMP, CVMP Surrey BC V3S 5N2 Canada 778.878.4859
Maria Gorgounis   Surrey BC V3W 1S1 Canada 778.869.0694
Amber Nielsen RMT Surrey BC V3X 2E3 Canada 604.722.6576
Ada-Lou Ellett BSR Pitt Meadows BC V3Y 1R4 Canada 604.460.7890
Cherise Jacques DOMP, RYT, RMO, CST-T Surrey BC V3Z 2W5 Canada 604.940.1981
Haida Irvine RMT Surrey BC V4A 5J1 Canada 604.313.4600
Nancy Karitsiotis MT Delta BC V4M1J9 Canada 604.782.5407
Florence MacDonald-Bain PT Delta BC V4M2V5 Canada 604.803.2034
John Tai R.M.T. Vancouver BC V59 4C2 Canada 778.668.3804
Susannah Reid PT Burnaby BC V5B 4P2 Canada 236.838.5252
Annette Johnston R.M.T. New Westminister BC V5E-3T1 Canada 604.525.4502
Annabel Mackenzie RST, BI-D Vancouver BC V5L 2R8 Canada 604.261.9588
Lynn Wittenberg RN, CCST Vancouver BC V5L 2W5 Canada 604.251.2973
Amanda Rnic MScPT Vancouver BC V5L 4L3 Canada 604.764.9961
Paula Bethune RMT Vancouver BC V5N 1S5 Canada 604.253.1731
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