IAHP.com is undergoing unscheduled maintenance. To find a therapist, the IAHP Medallion Members are listed here.  The complete list of trained therapists will be published as soon as possible. Therapists are listed by country, then state/province, then zip/postal code.

Therapists Certified in one or more modalities are in bold, blue font.

First Name
Last Name
Prof Title
Tracey Clark Certified Movement Educator Vancouver BC V5N 5A9 Canada 778.835.1323
Brad Dow   Vancouver BC V5R 2P5 Canada 778.235.9511
Maria Chau Physiotherapist Vancouver BC V5S 3J9 Canada 604.368.7858
Amy Kiara Ruth BSc Vancouver BC V5T 2A5 Canada 604.873.2346
Belle Parkinson RMT Vancouver BC V5T 2Y7 Canada 778.835.6522
Terri Green RMT Vancouver BC V5T 4K9 Canada 604.897.9721
Ramesh Narine RMT Vancouver BC V5T 4R2 Canada 917.854.5240
Philip Armitage R.Ac. Vancouver BC V5Y 3L1 Canada 778.230.6445
Lisa Prentice CBP Vancouver BC V5Z 1L9 Canada 604.767.8270
Corinne Gerber RDH, Certified Bowen Therapist Vancouver BC V5Z 4K3 Canada 604.224.5377
Jon Sanderson RMT, CATC, ATC Vancouver BC V6B 0N8 Canada 604.786.6945
Joanne Wong BCSI Vancouver BC V6C 2W6 Canada 604.558.2222
Karen Docksteader MP Vancouver BC V6E 1J4 Canada 604.765.4656
Lucas Scrivener RMT Vancouver BC V6E 3N3 Canada 604.763.8255
Luc Ortelli PT, LAc. Vancouver BC V6G 2P5 Canada 778.554.5022
Karim Musani Bodyworker Vancouver BC V6H 1B4 Canada 778.838.7777
Cheryl Megalos BScPT, RCAMP, CGIMS, MCPA Vancouver BC V6H 1G7 Canada 250.642.1433
Lisa Schneider RMT, CST-T Vancouver BC V6H 3R1 Canada 604.828.4199
Judy Russell RPT Vancouver BC V6H 4C3 Canada 604.876.2344
Ashley Eden MSc Vancouver BC V6J 3M6 Canada 604.362.0011
Zoltan Glonek PT Vancouver BC V6K 1S1 Canada 604.839.1147
Caryn Seniscal DOMP Vancouver BC V6K 4M1 Canada 778.840.0211
Julie Nelson Dr. Vancouver BC V6N2H8 Canada 778.863.1949
Valerie Kemp BA, MAT, LMT Vancouver BC V6R 1L6 Canada 604.739.9916
Zannah Steiner CMP, RMT, DOMP Vancouver BC V6R 3E8 Canada 604.731.7883
Theresa Nicassio PhD Vancouver BC V6S 2B9 Canada 604.817.4673
Ji-Seon Kim PT Richmond BC V6X 1A3 Canada 604.303.0369
Linda McLaren RMT Richmond BC V6Y 1Z3 Canada 604.270.2257
Deirdre Byrne PT Vancouver BC V6Z 3B1 Canada 604.808.0072
Linda Calvert RPT Richmond BC V7E 2P3 Canada 604.626.1904
Kim Kirk RMT North Vancouver BC V7G 1C4 Canada 604.813.0542
Anna Chicoine Physiotherapist North Vancouver BC V7J 1G6 Canada 778.773.3482
Alexandra Stock Dipl. PT North Vancouver BC V7J 2H5 Canada  
Grace Dedinsky-Rutherford BSc, RMT North Vancouver BC V7J 2P7 Canada 604.551.8202
Maryam Sharifnejad PT North Vancouver BC V7J 3M1 Canada 604.771.3416
Sharon McDonald RMT North Vancouver BC V7K 2G6 Canada 604.984.2009
Tonya Tyre DC North Vancouver BC V7K 2N1 Canada  
Dixie Golins CST North Vancouver BC V7L 1L5 Canada 604.649.8715
Jenika Colbow RMT North Vancouver BC V7M 1H8 Canada 604.353.2667
Barbara Watt CST, RMT North Vancouver BC V7R $C3 Canada 312.731.7971
Claire MacPherson RMT Powell River BC V8A 0J5 Canada 604.414.3978
Erin Perrault RMT Powell River BC V8A 4P2 Canada 604.414.8041
Melanie Barnabe RMT Squamish BC V8B 0V9 Canada 604.339.9777
Emily-Jane Johnson MScPT Squamish BC V8B 0Y1 Canada 604.812.6832
Anita D'onghia RMT Whistler BC V8E 1K4 Canada 604.698.9144
Stacey Naeth RMT Thornhill BC V8G 5E4 Canada 778.634.2545
Janelle Graham MT, Bowen Therapist North Saanich BC V8L 0C2 Canada 403.335.6466
Julia Day MMS, CST-D, CAEH Victoria BC V8S 3V8 Canada 250.370.1380
Barbara Lambert RMT Victoria BC V8T 3E5 Canada 778.679.3222
Sean Raymond Physiotherapist Victoria BC V8T 5L4 Canada 250.507.3397
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