IAHP.com is undergoing unscheduled maintenance. To find a therapist, the IAHP Medallion Members are listed here.  The complete list of trained therapists will be published as soon as possible. Therapists are listed by country, then state/province, then zip/postal code.

Therapists Certified in one or more modalities are in bold, blue font.

First Name
Last Name
Prof Title
Sarah Ehlen RMT Vancouver BC V6J 1R8 Canada 604.222.9505
Zoltan Glonek PT Vancouver BC V6K 1S1 Canada 604.839.1147
Caryn Seniscal DOMP Vancouver BC V6K 4M1 Canada 778.840.0211
Lacey Miller Certified Body Worker Vancouver BC V6L 1G7 Canada 403.614.7416
Valerie Kemp BA, MAT, LMT Vancouver BC V6R 1L6 Canada 604.739.9916
Zannah Steiner CMP, RMT, DOMP Vancouver BC V6R 3E8 Canada 604.731.7883
Theresa Nicassio PhD Vancouver BC V6S 2B9 Canada 604.817.4673
Ji-Seon Kim PT Richmond BC V6X 1A3 Canada 604.303.0369
Deirdre Byrne PT Vancouver BC V6Z 3B1 Canada 604.808.0072
Kim Kirk RMT North Vancouver BC V7G 1C4 Canada 604.813.0542
Anna Chicoine Physiotherapist North Vancouver BC V7J 1G6 Canada 778.773.3482
Alexandra Stock Dipl. PT North Vancouver BC V7J 2H5 Canada 778.987.8632
Grace Dedinsky-Rutherford BSc, RMT North Vancouver BC V7J 2P7 Canada 604.551.8202
Maryam Sharifnejad PT North Vancouver BC V7J 3M1 Canada 604.771.3416
Sharon McDonald RMT North Vancouver BC V7K 2G6 Canada 604.984.2009
Tonya Tyre DC North Vancouver BC V7K 2N1 Canada  
Kristin Birnie   North Vancouver BC V7L 1Y9 Canada 778.928.3653
Jenika Colbow RMT North Vancouver BC V7M 1H8 Canada 604.353.2667
Barbara Watt CST, RMT North Vancouver BC V7R 4C3 Canada 312.731.7971
Claire MacPherson RMT Powell River BC V8A 0J5 Canada 604.414.3978
Erin Perrault RMT Powell River BC V8A 4P2 Canada 604.414-8041
Niki West RMT Squamish BC V8B 0A7 Canada 778.320.7223
Nicole Money PT, CST-T Squamish BC V8B 0N2 Canada 604.256.4908
Melanie Barnabe RMT Squamish BC V8B 0V9 Canada 604.339.9777
Emily-Jane Johnson MScPT Squamish BC V8B 0Y1 Canada 604.812.6832
Tracy Higgs RMT Whistler BC V8E 0T9 Canada 604.935.0805
Jennifer Ridout RMT Victoria BC V8S 1J7 Canada 250.686.5572
Julia Day MMS, CAEH, CST-D Victoria BC V8S 3V8 Canada 250.370.1380
Tracey Cameron HHC Victoria BC V8T 2P1 Canada 250.258.5358
Barbara Lambert RMT Victoria BC V8T 3E5 Canada 778.265.6561
Lysanne Lavigne RMT Victoria BC V8V 3N7 Canada 250.388.7330
Lorraine McGinnis PT Victoria BC V8W 1G2 Canada 250.385.3151
Shannon Moreno RMT Victoria BC V9A1V2 Canada 778.865.9069
Erdi Jacobi M.D. (Germany) Victoria BC V9C 4B5 Canada 250.391.1943
Ayla Dinney RMT Victoria BC V9C3T4 Canada 250.858.8966
Natasha Rogers RMT Nanoose Bay BC V9P 9B4 Canada 604.240.4251
Sarah Benson RMT Nanaimo BC V9R 1V7 Canada 306.280.1675
Laurie Ottenbreit PT, CST-T Nanaimo BC V9V 1G6 Canada 250.802.1813
Art Vipond RMT Campbell River BC V9W 1L2 Canada 250.830.8215
Sharon Coombs RMT Kimberley BC Via 2E8 Canada 705.340.9642
Ian Rudling Osteopath Kelowna BC VIX8A5 Canada 778.581.7544
Kerryleegh Hildebrandtt   Beausejour MB R0E 0C0 Canada 204.268.4643
Heather Plett BMR PT La Salle MB R0G 0A2 Canada 204.228.1760
Linda Brown MT Sanford MB R0G 2J0 Canada 204.470.7558
Colleen Cobbe Nurse Retired, Medical Intuitive Selkirk MB R1A 0Z8 Canada 204.785.1463
Wendy Gambrel RMT Winnipeg MB R2C 0C1 Canada 204.777.6222
Yannick Legrand Polejewski RMT Winnipeg MB R2H 0Z7 Canada 1 204.291.4127
Jennifer Desrosiers RMT Winnipeg MB R2K 3C9 Canada 204.805.0644
Esther Schroen RMT Winnipeg MB R2M 2W7 Canada 204.891.6258
Kristina Stevens RMT Winnipeg MB R2N 3S3 Canada 204.218.2422
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