IAHP.com is undergoing unscheduled maintenance. To find a therapist, the IAHP Medallion Members are listed here.  The complete list of trained therapists will be published as soon as possible. Therapists are listed by country, then state/province, then zip/postal code.

Therapists Certified in one or more modalities are in bold, blue font.

First Name
Last Name
Prof Title
Bridget O'Brien PT Portland ON K0G1V0 Canada  
Annette Gray-Jackson RMT Sharbot Lake ON K0H2P0 Canada 613.449.0060
Wendy Simmons R.M.T. Killaloe ON K0J 2A0 Canada 613.625.1933
Tamela Blimke   Deep River ON K0J1P0 Canada 613.602.2347
Kara Foley P.T. Deep River ON K0J1P0 Canada 613.584.1729
Lisanne Mitts   Carrying Place ON K0K 1L0 Canada 613.848.4677
Amanda Fox RMT Wooler ON K0K 3M0 Canada 613.243.5745
Marianne Bertrand   Bancroft ON K0L 1C0 Canada 613.332.6597
Amy Anderson D.O.M.P. Hastings ON K0L 1Y0 Canada 705.957.2234
Sandra Howlett DC, CST-D, CAC, EFLC Indian River ON K0L 2B0 Canada 1 705.868.0802
Anna Crandlemire CST-T Ottawa ON K1B 3Y1 Canada 613.296.9135
Angela Cooper RMT Orleans ON K1C 3A1 Canada 613.850.8895
Cindy Rivard RMT Ottawa ON K1E 3S4 Canada 613.295.3960
Vanessa Leo RMT Ottawa ON K1G 5K2 Canada 613.219.9221
Nathalie Chartier PT Ottawa ON K1K 0H7 Canada 613.296.2649
Denise A. Gaulin BA, CST-T Ottawa ON K1K 2Y6 Canada 613.738.9080
Shayna Tate RMT Ottawa ON K1M 1A2 Canada 613.282.5398
Pam Semple RMT Ottawa ON K1S2B3 Canada 613.230.1144
Marie Bonselaar RMT Gloucester ON K1T 1L9 Canada 613.736.9229
Trina Ferrer Registered Physiotherapist Ottawa ON K1V8V4 Canada 819.318.1491
Paula Burchat RMT Ottawa ON K1Y 4A3 Canada 613.301.3131
Ginette Blier R.M.T. Ottawa ON K1Z 8L2 Canada 613.762.1367
Daniel Gagne PT Ottawa ON K1Z 8N8 Canada 613.725.5000
Madeline McBride Certified Bowenwork Practitioner Ottawa ON K2B 5B7 Canada 613.809.7283
Aviva Cohen DOMP Ottawa ON K2C 3Y5 Canada 613.219.5659
Angela Fung Bowen Therapist Ottawa ON K2G 2G7 Canada 613.762.8893
Wei-Che(Franz) Tseng doctor Nepean ON K2G 4L2 Canada 613.316.3913
Melanie Mainville RPT Ottawa ON K2J 0W5 Canada 613.692.1847
Sofia Gabor   Ottawa ON K2J 4W2 Canada 613.823.1121
Antonieta Verzosa DOMP Kanata ON K2K 0C3 Canada 613.784.0573
Marcia Bamber PT, CST-T Kanata ON K2M 1M2 Canada 613.862.2540
Samantha Hughes RMT Kanata ON K2M 2E6 Canada 613.410.2596
Lauren Caldwell RMT Kanata ON K2M 2N7 Canada 613.435.2679
Angela Vallejo PT Kanata ON K2M 2Z6 Canada 613.596.5639
Judy Ariagno RMT Stittsville ON K2S 1E1 Canada 613.266.0219
Kelly Gibbons RMT Stittsville ON K2S 1S4 Canada 613.447.0312
Anita Snippe LMT, CST-T Manotick ON K4M 1E2 Canada 613.692.0776
Celine Razeau PT, CLT, CAFCI Cornwall ON K6J 1G8 Canada 613.662.4357
Anne Noall R.M.T. Smiths Falls ON K7A 4S4 Canada 613.283.7329
Andrew Chapman RMT Carleton Place ON K7C 1G5 Canada 613.290.9356
Christina Godfrey RN, RMT, CST-T Kingston ON K7K 7J3 Canada 613.329.5098
Sharon Stacey BSCOT Kingston ON K7M 4E8 Canada 613.384.4133
Alison Skoblenick BA, BPHE, CSCS, BAHS, CAT(C) Kingston ON K7M2B4 Canada 403.848.3419
Kim Capiral RMT Arnprior ON k7s-1a6 Canada 613.623.9440
Anne McIsaac RMT Belleville ON K8N 4K1 Canada 613.885.1048
Carrie Gray DOMP Peterborough ON K9H 1Y8 Canada 705.933.8106
Wei-Wei Han ND PETERBOROUGH ON K9H 7N9 Canada 705.743.1639
Trudi Ruch BSc, HK Peterborough ON K9J 5G2 Canada 705.745.6925
Sandra Van Dyke PT Churchill ON L0L 1K0 Canada 705.456.6959
Amanda Caldwell RMT Angus ON L0M 1B1 Canada 905.806.8424
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