IAHP.com is undergoing unscheduled maintenance. To find a therapist, the IAHP Medallion Members are listed here.  The complete list of trained therapists will be published as soon as possible. Therapists are listed by country, then state/province, then zip/postal code.

Therapists Certified in one or more modalities are in bold, blue font.

First Name
Last Name
Prof Title
Wendy Hutton RMT Holland Landing ON L9N 1M5 Canada  
Sarah Ritchie RMT Orangeville ON L9W 1W8 Canada 416.274.8117
Patty Matheson-Farrell RMT Springwater ON L9X 0S8 Canada 705.321.2160
Liwana Bringelson PhD, CEMT, CST-T Collingwood ON L9Y 3V1 Canada 705.888.5290
Catherine Macdonald RMT Collingwood ON L9Y 3Y9 Canada 519.472.7999
Kim Porter R.M.T. Scarborough ON M1R 2X4 Canada 416.917.0811
Lotus Chan RMT Toronto ON M1V 3A8 Canada 416.487.9056
Wendy Tam   Toronto ON M2H 3N4 Canada 1 647.282.3996
Liezel Anne Palon RMT North York ON M2J 0A4 Canada 416.859.5488
Zsuzsanna Zagorszki   Toronto ON M2K 2J1 Canada 416.300.4620
Andrew Subieta DO(MP) Toronto ON M2M 4J3 Canada 416.823.8050
Andrea Goldberger Doctor of Nat. Med.DAC,DO(mp) Toronto ON M2N 7C6 Canada 905.889.4462
Anna Glistvain Physiotherapist Toronto ON M2R 3S9 Canada 416.856.8901
Thais Ciconelli de Figueiredo RMT Toronto ON M3J 2S5 Canada 647.677.7795
Morgan Donaldson Manual Osteopath North York ON M3N2R9 Canada 647.223.0470
Nancy Brooks RMT Toronto ON M4B2H9 Canada 416.894.4224
Theresa Crolly RMT Toronto ON M4C 2G4 Canada 647.866.3712
Monica Graham Physiotherapist Toronto ON M4E2M8 Canada 647.522.4361
Judith Wells DC, MT Toronto ON M4E3E8 Canada 416.890.4413
Wendy Penketh R.M.T. Toronto ON M4J 3S2 Canada 647.300.1507
Christine Razmofsky RMT Toronto ON M4K 3R3 Canada 416.201.2158
Raymond Chow RMT Toronto ON M4L2T4 Canada 647.280.4631
Sara Pukal M.OMSc., HBSc. Toronto ON M4M 0A7 Canada 647.235.0832
Mariane Talbot RMT Toronto ON M4R 2H7 Canada 647.435.1095
Pierre Boachon DO Toronto ON M5A 2G4 Canada 1 416.939.0521
Stephanie Renda PT Toronto ON M5E 2A1 Canada 416.363.4795
Sylwia K Kolasa PT,SLT, PHS Toronto ON M5G Canada 474.862.4500
Patty Murphy   Toronto ON M5M 2A8 Canada 416.483.4878
Ramona Ng CST-T Toronto ON M5R 1B5 Canada 416.727.7536
Elias Abdel Ahad DOMP Toronto ON M5R 2S4 Canada 647.861.0046
Ada Wan RMT Toronto ON M6G 3X4 Canada 416.721.7107
Tanya Lee ND Toronto ON M6H 3C1 Canada  
Marta Dos Santos RMT Toronto ON M6K 1L4 Canada 647.281.1714
Jackelyn Hurtado Manual Osteopath Toronto ON M8V 1E2 Canada 647.783.4511
Anne Braund P.T. Etobicoke ON M9A 4Z5 Canada 416.234.8223
Michael Fuhr RMT, CST-T Etobicoke ON M9A 5G4 Canada 416.239.8616
Marianne Martinovic RMT, Hom Toronto ON M9B 4R9 Canada 416.271.2167
Maria Kovatchev RMT Toronto ON M9V 1B8 Canada 416.817.0635
Stephanie Speer RN, RMT Toronto ON M9W 7K4 Canada 647.229.8362
Timothy Davis RMT, CZB Toronto ON MB5 1M5 Canada 416.895.8188
Michelle Marshall RMT Port Dover ON N0A 1N0 Canada 519.583.2209
Tracy Kainz   Morriston ON N0B 2C0 Canada 905.299.0051
David Miller N.D. Saugeen Shores ON N0H2C5 Canada 519.832.6688
Jessica DeWetering   Sebringville ON N0K 1X0 Canada 519.949.2327
Marjolyn Egan RMT Thamesford ON N0M 2M0 Canada 519.614.1080
Larissa Sproul PT Guelph ON N1H 1S8 Canada 1 519.830.1866
Suzanna Laurin R.M.T. Kitchener ON n2e 2y3 Canada 519.616.7132
Pamela Lawson RMT Kitchener ON N2E3V2 Canada 226.972.5009
Julia Farquhar BA, DOMTP Waterloo ON N2J 3C8 Canada 519.588.1900
Gwen Rowbottom R.M.T. Kitchener ON N2P 1H6 Canada 613.203.9373
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