Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen 1 (VM1)

Assessment of Structural Relationships between Viscera, and their Fascial or Ligamentous Attachments to the Musculoskeletal System

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Prerequisite: This course is intended for licensed or certified healthcare professionals, or for students nearing completion in their studies to become a healthcare professional, with palpation skills and experience as well as anatomical knowledge. Upon registration you will receive a list of anatomical terms and structures to review in advance of the course to help you achieve maximum benefit from attending.

Take Your Skills to the Next Level with Barral's Visceral Manipulation

Abdomen 1 (VM1)

In VM1 you will study the models and theories of functional biomechanics as viewed from Barral's innovative approach.

Course Highlights

  • Learn manual skills to locate, evaluate and normalize primary areas of dysfunction within the abdominal cavity.
  • Explore the dynamics of motion and suspension in relation to organs, membranes and ligaments.
  • Examine the relationship of organs and structural or neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction.
  • Assess the quality of functional activity and somatic structures as they relate to an overall pattern.

Jean-Pierre Barral's Visceral Manipulation is not just another manual therapy that we add to our work, but rather it is a "style" of communicating with the body. We are doing all of these techniques, not to FIX something in the body but rather to 'wake up a little something' as Jean-Pierre Barral says over and over again.

Barral says, "What we are wanting to do is to give the body a clear message." "To be specific in a short time." He says these things over and over. These are his messages of proprioceptive communication - his unique style and approach to working with patients. To have and hold this deep appreciation of the messages of the body. To hear him say, "Ahh you know, you can fool yourself with your stories; only the tissues know.".

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"Taking the track VM1-4 in Dublin was a fantastic experience. Mixing with a range of therapists with differing viewpoints really challenged my way of thinking. I found the courses very solid in terms of anatomy, and they really encouraged deeper study both before and during the course, in order to get an idea of what I was feeling. The tutors were excellent and very knowledgeable in terms of their anatomy and technique. Having a different tutor for each part was an unexpected bonus, as their alternative perspectives complemented each other, and helped to cement the techniques from previous courses."

D.Webster, Osteopath

"I just took VM1. When I returned from the class filled with all sorts of wonderful knowledge, which I had no idea how I would use or even wondered if I had comprehended, I was completely surprised to find my hands knew more than my mind. On the very first client of the day I had such success!! My hands knew her uterus was tilted, and this was related to her stomach, which was related to the shoulder pain she had been experiencing for a year. Her doctor could not understand the pain and sent her to me. No coincidence she came the day after I returned from the class. After I released restrictions around the greater curvature of her stomach her pain was actually gone!! How cool is that and on my first day!! Thanks for the great instruction."

K. Schermerhorn, MA

"Within 5 days (after VM1) I worked with 14 clients and got to integrate VM1 into every session. I had an amazing variety of clients to work with, and it had amazing results, and that was just the instant gratification! I worked with a client who had her mastectomy surgery a few years ago who had issues with extension of the trunk and arm, within the first ten minutes it resolved. A lot of women had c-sections with complications post surgery, and movement and discomfort was relieved. I love that I am barely scratching the surface and enjoying the exploration. From the basics of VM1 it fueled my fire to learn so much more."

K. Lewis, CA

"I attended the VM1 workshop you taught in the Washington DC. It was a great workshop - thank you! I have signed up for the core package. Since I have returned to my practice, I have found it hugely helpful. Also frustrating as I want to know more... like I wish I had the information yesterday! I have Barral's books to consult until I complete the trainings and I know that I need more time and study. The VM work bridges nicely with my clientele - mostly complicated cases that have not responded well in the past to PT, chiropractic or osteopathy. I am able to provide relief to my clients but often not for sustained periods. I think the Visceral work will address some of the "temporary relief" cases."

A.Sansone, PT, MA, COMT

"Visceral Mobilization [manipulation] is the most important, most neglected area in manual therapy today."

L Ambra, PT

"Over the past 5 years I have attended several of the neural and visceral pathway modules and taken the visceral dissection seminar in the States. I cannot recommend these courses highly enough. Previously I had attended lots of Sutherland cranial courses, and although I found them interesting and beneficial, I found it difficult to explain what I was doing (even to myself). This worried and unsettled me if the patient did not respond to treatment."

"Since I have started doing the Barral courses, I feel that I have really blossomed as an Osteopath. The work has all the subtlety and finesse of the cranial techniques, but rests on much more cleared defined anatomical principles. I also see the interplay between the skeleton, viscera and nervous system much more clearly. I think the Barral system is incredibly intelligent, and I often feel humbled by the depth and breath of knowledge of the lecturers and tutors. I also greatly appreciate such high quality courses being held in Dublin which helps with my CPD expenses. I fully intend to continue with the programme, and would recommend them to anyone who wants to combine the subtlety of cranial with the precision of structural work."

A. Daly, Osteopath

"To date I have completed two listening courses, NM1 and 2, and VM courses 1-4, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. The style of teaching on these courses allow you to conceptualize anatomy in 3D form and really develop your palpatory skills. These are intensive courses, a lot of material is covered, but it's done at a steady pace, with the instructor and teaching assistants on hand to deal with any queries. The time flies!! I always come away from the Barral courses feeling enthusiastic and re-motivated, especially when I can apply the techniques to conditions that previously hadn't responded to treatment, and I can testify they do work. I recommend these courses for any manual practitioner who wants to treat the body holistically, but also wants to be specific and achieve results."

J. Murphy, Osteopath
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