Advanced CranioSacral Therapy (ADV1-3):

Advanced CranioSacral Therapy programs are five-day small-group (10 or 12 colleagues) experiences that combines the benefits of an intensive therapy program with an educational course. Participants have called the experience pivotal in terms of the way they work and live. The paradigm for learning is the experiential applications and exploration of CST, SER and Upledger teachings. Participants explore the principles and practice of Upledger CST which provide a foundation for facilitating healing and the possibilities of evolving this work in your own life - and Beyond. Learn to work intimately, synergistically and cooperatively with fellow therapists and explore your unique abilities and resolve personal issues on your way to becoming and Advanced CST Practitioner.

Course Highlights:

  • Participate in multiple-therapist sessions
  • Benefit from one-on-one instructor-to-participant skill evaluation
  • Refine technique applications and further develop palpatory capabilities
  • Participate in an in-depth mind/body integration study using the craniosacral system as the core vehicle

Advanced CranioSacral Therapy 1 (ADV1):

Prerequisite: Advanced CranioSacral 1 (ADV1); SomatoEmotional Release 2 (SER2); as well as being ready to do deep introspective work, and be comfortable giving and receiving SomatoEmotional Release. While each person's experience is unique, typically a span of practice of at least a few/several months after attending SER2 will enhance your ADV experience. We also encourage you to attend additional workshops such as SomatoEmotional Release Technique: Mastering the Inner Physician (SERTIP), Clinical Application Programs (CASR), The Brain Speaks (TBS) or other courses in the CranioSacral Therapy curriculum to help you gain even more experience to bring into the ADV program.


In my advanced class I worked through the scars from an old surgery. I healed and released injuries that unknowingly I had been holding on to for decades. I facilitated a classmate releasing their father's transition from this life. It truly expanded my field and I greatly appreciate the opportunity. The power of multi-hands work is amazing.

Ken Piercy MTI, CST-D; Dallas, TX

Advanced craniosacral was a beautiful experience for me. I walked in the class with my mind complete set to learning and taking back everything I possibly could to use as tools for my work. I walked away with an amazing healing experience for myself, some great tools that I use every day in my practice, and some beautiful friendships that will last the rest of our lives. I believe the class is a must for anyone that wants to include craniosacral therapy in their practice.

Tanya Pratkelis MT; Broomfield, CO

Advanced CranioSacral Therapy 2 (ADV2):

Prerequisite: Advanced CranioSacral 1 (ADV1); and a period of time and practice that allows for comfortably learning more.....the amount of time and number of given/received sessions that would bring a candidate to a place of ADV2 readiness will vary on the individual. Typically it will be several months or longer after having attended ADV1.


For me ADV2 was a beautiful experience and privilege to be working with a group of such in tuned and in sync individuals. The mantra that I personally use was only words before this class. During this class the meaning was realized and felt on a cellular level. Divinity resides within -our Inner Physician, I am open to new ideas - a shift in perspective, Information that I need comes to me -messages always present themselves if we learn to see, I am guided by a Higher Power - consciousness, I am guided by inner wisdom - innate in everyone, The World is my teacher - as are each and every client and fellow practitioner, especially in this class. I am forever grateful for the beautiful beings in this class who have touched my soul forever. I am humbled by them all.

Many thanks!

Darleen October, 2015

This class was an amazing journey! We stayed at a retreat center, where we slept and shared meals together which added to the way we just melded an blended together as we did the sessions. I so appreciate the way the teacher facilitated the group in modeling the CST principles of it being each individual's work both in being the therapist or the client and still being a strong support and holding space for each one of the students. The TA was so in tuned with what was happening in the sessions and an extension of the teacher, great teamwork! What an amazing group of therapists came together with our gifts of CST and in the healing arts and great work was accomplished because of the willingness and commitment of each one to their own work and holding space for each other's work.

This class was life transforming.

Thank you

Pernille Stephens October, 2015

Advanced CranioSacral Therapy 3 (ADV3):

Prerequisite: Advanced CranioSacral 2 (ADV2) and Upledger Diplomate CST Certified.


Words cannot express the gratitude I feel at the closing of this class. Chas, you have the skill, gift, talent that creates the opportunity for me to trust not only the process, but my process and unfolding in a deep and profound way. I can see myself taking this class again and again over the years to decompress and rejuvenate. Thanks so much for keeping the integrity of the work intact.

Much gratitude and love to you!

Carrie Fisher, LMT May, 2013