ADV1 08.14-18.23 DEN

ADV1 August 14-18, 2023 Denver, Colorado


Please call 561.622.4334 to inquire about class attendance and application requirements.

The acceptance of this invitation carries with it the responsibility of daily presence in both group discussions and hands-on practice sessions. During every day of the class, each participant will be a primary therapist, assistant therapist and the recipient of the work. There are also daily group discussions to participate in, which create a cohesiveness and bonding of the group that is not easily duplicated under any other circumstances.

The Advanced class curriculum delves deep into your own personal process. Within the week, you will receive 5 sessions, be a therapist in all your group’s daily sessions and treat in a space where another group is working. This creates a very powerful space for process and healing. It is your responsibility, knowing your personal background, that you are emotionally and professionally ready to participate in the class. It has been participants' experiences that the processing can continue after you return home.

Toward this end your presence and participation are crucial to the final outcome of the week. This is a time for sharing, learning, absorbing, self-discovery, self-realization and growth. Enjoy and reap the harvest.

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