Visceral Manipulation: Advanced Visceral Components of the Neck and Thorax (VMAT)

Prerequisite: VM4

Advanced Visceral Components of the Neck and Thorax (VMAT):

The workshop delves deeper into the anatomy, breathing mechanism, function and physiology of the thorax. Precise advanced techniques will be taught.

Course Highlights:

  • Build on the knowledge of the thorax region as learned in VM4.
  • Review the myofascial structures of the thorax.
  • Explore the functionality of the hyoid suspensory apparatus, thyroid, tonsils and pharynx.
  • Learn more precise techniques for the esophagus, pleura, heart and pericardium.
  • Classify retropharangeal space.
  • Discover treatment techniques to enhance the breathing mechanism.

Class Details


"Loved it. I can see how this will make a difference for my chronic pain patients. Can't wait to try it!"

S. Townsend, PT, Nixa, MO; May, 2015