VMAT 07.14-16.23 PB

VMAT: Advanced Visceral Components of the Neck and Thorax
VMAT July 14-16, 2023 Palm Beach, Florida

"I really enjoyed the course, and I am eager to work with my patients tommorow at the VA. I feel that Alain is so clear when he is teaching that I get the information at a very core level." - J.A., MSPT


The workshop will present specific and advanced techniques and explain the anatomy, breathing mechanism, function and physiology of the thorax. The course will build on the knowledge of the thorax region as learned in VM4, review the myofascial structures of the thorax, explore the hyoid suspensory apparatus, thyroid, tonsils and pharynx, learn more precise techniques for the esophagus, pleura, heart and pericardium and demonstrate treatment techniques to enhance the breathing mechanism.

We are planning to video the entire course, and to make the demonstration portions of the class available on DVD as a review for course participants at some point in the future. If you are hoping to be a demo during the course, please be aware that we will request that you sign a video release. Additionally, please plan on appropriate garments knowing they may be projected on an ongoing basis to those who purchase the DVDs, as well as use for educational purposes via other means, including the internet.

Advance Preparation:
To prepare for the course we suggest that you read The Thorax, available at

Additional suggested preparation and review material for delving deeper into the anatomy:
- DVD-Advanced Visceral Manipulation - Thorax (D-AVMTH) with Jean-Pierre Barral, available at

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