VAP 09.27-30.18 ALB

VAP: Visceral Applications for Pediatrics
VAP September 27-30, 2018 Albuquerque, New Mexico




Your participation in this seminar will show you how to work with the special issues that surround the application of Visceral Manipulation as they relate to infants and children. As a reminder, in order to participate in this course you need to have already completed VM2 (Abdomen 2), have a sound knowledge of cranial anatomy and some training in CranioSacral Therapy. LT (Listening Techniques), NM1 (Neuromeningeal Manipulation) and VM4 (Thorax) are recommended, but not required.

Advance Preparation:
As with all VM classes, this workshop will consist largely of lecture, demonstration and practice. On the third and fourth days, you are requested to refer infants and/or children (up to 6 years of age) upon which you can practice the demonstrated techniques under supervision. Please review the following application to nominate a child or children to participate in the therapeutic sessions.

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