SYMMT-V 03.22-23.22 VIRTUAL Eastern Time (Miami)

SYMMT: Symposium for Integrative Treatment of Manual Therapies
SYMMT-V March 22-23, 2022 VIRTUAL Eastern Time (Miami)



By request from the attendees at the Best Practices for Integrative Evaluation and Treatment zoom program August 7, 2021, this trio of International Instructors has put together this Symposium to delve deeper into the integrative experience.

· Each instructor will separately evaluate three clients utilizing evaluation processes from Barral, D’Ambrogio and Upledger Institutes, and sharing his and the clients’ findings with the attendees.
· Each instructor will then treat one of the clients, integrating the various disciplines, and sharing his and the client’s findings.
· Each instructor will then re-evaluate the three clients and discuss his and the clients’ findings as compared to their initial evaluation.
· The clients and instructors will further discuss the integrative processes during a Q&A period.

"I struggled for years with which 'tool' to use,
not being at all sure about how to integrate them
so that I did justice to the integrity of each and to
the integrity of the client and their needs. Being
able to integrate approaches is so important.”

Take the opportunity anytime you can to observe seasoned therapists working with clients. See the value of different points of view for evaluation and treatment.
• When you watch an experienced therapist working with a client, you become a better therapist.
• When you observe the integration of modalities by an experienced therapist, you are better able to integrate the modalities you have studied.

"It's always enlightening to watch others work
and how they incorporate their methods from
various paradigms."

NOTE: This program is being streamed from an in-person program being held in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Your classmates will include those in the classroom in Palm Beach Gardens, as well as other remote students. Following the event, you will receive access to a video recording of the program.

Advance Preparation:
Watch the three-hour Best Practices for Integrative Evaluation and Treatment in advance to understand each of the Institutes disciplines, as well as to begin the integrative journey with these three International Instructors.

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