BioAquatic Explorations/Dolphins

Prerequisite: Varies from none to CranioSacral Therapy 1 to Advanced CranioSacral Therapy
BioAquatic Explorations/Dolphins:

In partnership with Integrative Intentions, BioAquatic Explorations programs were developed to allow CranioSacral Therapy practitioners to develop a holistic, cooperative relationship with the ocean and its healing resources, while performing CranioSacral Therapy techniques. Most programs are four days, and you'll even spend time in the water with dolphins learning Dolphin Assisted Therapy.

See each event for description about that programs' pre-requisite requirements, and possible early registration discounts.

BioAquatic Exploration: CranioSacral Therapy Introduction (BAEI):

This two-day workshop will help you develop a holistic, cooperative relationship with the ocean and its healing resources while performing CranioSacral Therapy techniques. On day one you will have a dolphin swim and on day two you will take a boat or taxi trip to a remote beach, where you will practice CranioSacral Therapy while maintaining a focus on co-healing with our environment.

BioAquatic Exploration: Shared Connections (BAER):

This workshop blends CranioSacral Therapy (CST), SomatoEmotional Release (SER), and relationship enhancement skills. This combination offers the opportunity for participants to share these experiences with someone close to them who does not have a CST background.

Partners, colleagues, spouses or any group of people who are close (maximum 4 per group) may attend. One person from each pair, or 50% of each group, must meet the prerequisite of taking SomatoEmotional Release 1. Individual registrations are not available for this class.

The first day will include introductions, orientation, a structured swim with dolphins, pool work and group discussion. Following days will include bioaquatic therapy, including individual, relationship and group work exploring experiences with the dolphins, ocean life, nature and their function in co-healing. The third day includes participation in actual Dolphin Assisted Therapy at the Dolphin Experience.

BioAquatic Advanced and Dolphins Exploration (BADA)

BioAquatic Exploration: Advanced CranioSacral Therapy (BAEA)

BioAquatic Exploration: SomatoEmotional Release (BAES)

BioAquatic Exploration: CranioSacral Therapy (BAEC)

BioAquatic Exploration: CranioSacral Therapy and Pediatrics (BAEP)

These programs will allow you to spend time on two days (four days in BADA) in the water with dolphins, discovering the magic of these wise and sensitive creatures, as well as explore, integrate and apply advanced CranioSacral Therapy techniques in cooperation with bioaquatic and dolphin-assisted dynamics. You will also experience multi-therapist application of advanced CranioSacral Therapy techniques while working in small groups in the water, and in a traditional land-based setting.

Programs for Patients (DATIP):

These Comprehensive Therapy Programs include dolphins and their incredible ability to assist healing. We consistently find the dolphins to be active participants in the therapeutic process. This is combined with traditional CranioSacral Therapy (CST) in the beautiful and supportive environment of the Bahamas.