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CST On-Line Empower Your Practice - Live

Join Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, CST-D, CMT and UI Instructor since 1986, and Kate Mackinnon CST-D, PT and author, for this powerful year long online series that will enhance your practice, knowledge and your life, too!  Suzanne and Kate bring their collective experience of over 40 years of working as CranioSacral Therapists to facilitate this online series.

Empower Your CranioSacral Practice – All Year Long is a new and fun way to interact with fellow CST practitioners all over the world.  Including 12 fascinating and informative interviews, this affordable whole year series is accessible online where you can conveniently access it from the comfort of your home or office.  It’s even available from your smart phone, tablet or any screen you can interact with on the actual day of each live monthly interview by asking questions and getting feedback on the spot.

However, even if you cannot make the scheduled dates, the content will be recorded - you can pick up any of the interviews that you missed no matter how late in the game you are – everything is recorded and downloadable so that you can access it at your leisure.

With this valuable year-long class, Suzanne and Kate not only weave together our CST community, they facilitate live interviews of field industry leaders and CST specialty experts and provide you with a platform to ask your questions and receive an answer.  By participating in this series, you will have new insight, knowledge and confidence to jump into different and specialized areas of CST practice.  

To add extra value to this series, Suzanne and Kate have also arranged for a wealth of BONUS material included in the course price!  In addition to the twelve monthly interviews, you will receive 8 BONUS pre-recorded interviews -- as well as other related written articles from time to time.

In this year-long series you will learn:
1) Increase Your Knowledge & Deepen Your Skills 
2) Connect With A Worldwide CST Community 
3) Gain Confidence To Enter Specialized Areas of CST Practice 
4) Take Your CranioSacral Practice To The Next Level 

Click Here to View a PDF of Course Titles and Descriptions (14 pages).

May 4, 2015 Live Interview with Q&A Noon, PST
Suzanne Scurlock-Durana CMT, CST-D
CranioSacral Presence For Success with Stress 

BONUS Session:  May 18, 2015 (Pre-recorded interview) 
David Meggyesy
Supporting the Professional Athlete with CST

June 1, 2015 Live Interview with Q&A Noon, PST
Tim Hutton LMP, CST-D
Palpating and Treating the Immune System Using CST

BONUS Session:  June 15, 2015 (Pre-recorded interview) 
Stephen Porges Ph.D
Polyvagal Theory and How It Applies to CST 

July 6, 2015 Live Interview with Q&A Noon, PST
Michael Morgan LMT, CST-D
CST for Alzheimer’s and Dementia
BONUS Session:  July 20, 2015 (Pre-recorded interview) 
Eric Moya CST-D, MS/MFCT
Upledger CST Mentorship Program 

August 3, 2015 Live Interview with Q&A Noon, PST
Tad Wanveer LMBT, CST-D
Glia: Brain Mysteries Revealed
BONUS Session:  August 17, 2015 (Pre-recorded interview) 
Scarlett Lewis and Dana Liesegang 
Healing through Trauma with CST 

September 7, 2015 Live Interview with Q&A Noon, PST
Avadhan Larson CST-D
Dialoguing With the Brain Through CST

BONUS Session:  September 21, 2015 (Pre-recorded interview) 
Thomas Ramussen Ph.D., CST
Brain Research:  Application in CST 

October 5, 2015 Live Interview with Q&A Noon, PST
Carol McLellan CST-D
CST for Conception, Pregnancy and Delivery

BONUS Session:  October 19, 2015 (Pre-recorded interview) 
Anita Moorjani 
Healing With CST after Near-Death Experience

November 2, 2015 Live Interview with Q&A Noon, PST
Rebecca Flowers OTR, CSP, CST-D
CST for the Pediatric Population

BONUS Session:  November 16, 2015 (Pre-recorded interview) 
Markus Koch CMT, CST
Personal Perspective:  Upledger Institute & Ricky Williams Concussion Pilot Program 
December 7, 2015 Live Interview with Q&A Noon, PST
Eric Moya CST-D, MS/MFCT
Treating Chronic Depletion Using CST
BONUS Session:  December 21, 2015 (Pre-recorded interview) 
Chris Slate CST-D
Healing with CranioSacral and Dolphins 
January 4, 2016 Live Interview with Q&A Noon, PST
Robyn Scherr  CMT, CST-D
How to Be Successful in Your CST Business 

February 1, 2016 Live Interview with Q&A Noon, PST
Ken Koles Ph.D., D.Sc., L.Ac.
Where CST and Acupuncture Meet
March 7, 2016 Live Interview with Q&A Noon, PST
Meghan McGrath CMT, CECP
Helping Your Clients Maximize Their Funds In Order to Receive CranioSacral Treatments

April 4, 2016 Live Interview with Q&A Noon, PST
John Matthew Upledger, President and CEO of Upledger Institute International
Holding the Vision and Making the Business Work

Course Content: 
12 industry expert live interviews.  Each live interview within the course includes 45-minutes of the interview and 30-minutes for live Q&A.  This content will be recorded and available for download if you are unable to participate on the scheduled date. 

Plus 8 BONUS pre-recorded interviews along relevant articles and supporting material from time to time.

The course does not offer CEUs but you are eligible to gain mentoring credit through the UI mentoring program. Each recording counts as 1 hour of category B mentorship. Find out more information about the program at

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Program Location:
Phone Conference

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Program is non-refundable.