PCCC-CSIR Conf Calls for CSIR Alumnus 2020



We are excited to be partnering with CSIR Instructors, Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, Tim Hutton and Karen Axelrod, to offer you follow up mentoring and learning via a CSIR Conference Call series across twelve months.

Here is a synopsis of how these calls can support your growth and learning about the immune system with all of its complexities and how to dialogue with it.

1. All the calls will be recorded live, and the recording will be sent out to all participants within 48 hours of each call. This means that if the conference call time or day is not convenient for you, or you are out of town for some of the calls, you still have access to all the information and discussion that goes on during the call.

2. Suzanne, Karen and/or Tim will choose a topic for each month based on feedback from you or from questions you send her about issues you are facing in your practices. Feel free to use the group’s online Discussion Board to ask questions or make suggestions to Suzanne and the group. If you would prefer to contact Suzanne directly, her direct email for these questions and suggestions is IF there is a month with no questions from you, she will choose a topic or open up the call for questions in the moment. However, if you want her to research an issue or a question, giving it to her in advance is advised.

ALSO, please use for all technical questions about the online community, conference call process, listening to a recording, etc. This is NOT Suzanne's area of expertise!

3. The recording will be available in two formats - you get to choose the format that works best for you. The first format is "streaming audio" where you listen to it on your computer - super easy. Stop and start the audio and listen to it as often as you need. The second format is an MP3 download for playback on the device of your choice. The convenient thing about all of this is that you can listen to it completely at your own leisure, on your own time whenever it suits you best.

4. Take advantage of the private online discussion board to continue the conversation between calls in a community of like-minded professionals. Additionally, Suzanne will post relevant articles, videos and other resources online. Users are welcome to post relevant articles for discussion and submit questions online as well. (Internet access is required to participate in this course, however you do not have to be online to participate in the live calls. A call reminder including your dial-in number will be sent out two days before each call via email.)

Advance Preparation:

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