Clinical Acupressure 1: Basic Applications (CA1)

Prerequisite: This is a foundation level workshop with no prerequisites. The coursework is designed for professional healthcare practitioners and/or students in healthcare programs, or awaiting licensure/accreditation.
Clinical Acupressure 1: Basic Applications (CA1):

This workshop teaches bodyworkers how to use acupressure to balance and energize the whole body and specific parts. Teaches more than 35 key acupressure points for the whole body. Demonstration and practice show the application of formulas for all parts of the body, such as the head, neck, back, face, chest, abdomen, pelvis, legs and feet, arms and hands, and many symptoms, such as blood pressure, constipation, digestive problems, headaches, etc. Participants receive a clinical handbook and study guide with more than 70 specific acupressure formulas for these parts and conditions. Appropriate for clinical applications.