Clinical Intervention Programs

Prerequisite: Varies - see individual listings.

These programs offer support to students in the integration of techniques and concepts into a clinical practice.

These programs will focus on how to refine palpation skills, and help bring and utilize the skill set into a clinical practice.

Clinical Interventions: Concussion Recovery; Barral Manual Therapy (CI-CRBMT)

The objectives of this workshop will be for each participant:

  • Be able to describe the basic premise and clinical reasoning for neurological, visceral and fascial manipulation for the post concussive patient.
  • Identify how specific manual therapy can enhance our treatment outcomes for post concussive injuries and their related symptoms (such as head pain, cervical dysfunction, loss of memory, depression, anxiety, fatigue and sleep disorders)
  • Palpate and identify deeper fascial restrictions within the articular, diaphragmatic, visceral, neural, vascular and craniosacral systems of the body as they relate to clinical tests and treatments.
  • Understand the connections between your organs, emotions, trauma and pain for concussion recovery.

Course Highlights:
~Concussion injury - from acute to chronic
~Mechanism/Physiology of concussion
~How a concussion effects the entire body
~Anatomy, anatomy, anatomy
~The importance of the diaphragm for the Body-Head connection
~Specific Craniosacral techniques for concussion recovery
~Specific Visceral techniques for concussion recovery

"If there has been a trauma, there will always be an emotional component that must find a way to release"  Jean Pierre Barral, DO, PT

Urogenital Manual Therapy and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation 1, 2, 3, 4

Urogenital Therapy and Pelvic Rehabilitation includes the following manual therapy disciplines of Jean-Pierre Barral: Visceral Manipulation, Listening Techniques, Visceral Vascular Manipulation, Neural Manipulation and New Manual Articular Approach. The program is an integration course bringing together these disciplines to train manual therapists to assist clients with urogenital and pelvic floor concerns and is currently available through affiliates in Latin America.

Diploma Program includes 4 course levels plus certification testing.

  • UPFR1 - Visceral Manipulation for the small intestine, the kidneys, and the ureters.
  • UPFR2 - Visceral Manipulation for the bladder, rectum, prostate, uterus, tubes, and the ovaries.
  • UPFR3 - Listening Techniques, Autonomic Nervous System, the Polyvagal theory in manual therapy, as well as pregnancy and fertility.
  • UPFR4 - Neural Manipulation for the plexuses: lumbar, hypogastric, sacral, and coccygeal, as well as Visceral Vascular Manipulation.