CSD 08.25-27.23 BAL

CSD: CranioSacral Dissection
CSD August 25-27, 2023 Baltimore, Maryland


  • Observe cranial dissections on an unembalmed cadaver.
  • Study two frozen craniums - one that is hemi-cut and the other transverse cut.
  • Perform hands-on CST.
  • View and work with the entire dural tube and the cerebella.
  • Observe dissection of the Avenue of Expression and thoracic inlet.
  • Explore the thorax and abdomen (time permitting).

    In this course, you will explore human anatomy with a craniosacral focus and develop increased anatomical knowledge through hands-on dissection, palpation, exploration and discovery. This workshop is designed to offer you the unique experience of evaluating restrictions prior to dissection. Once the dissection occurs you can then visually and tactilly explore the areas evaluated. Additionally, you will be able to apply craniosacral techniques to the cadaver and feel tissue changes externally and internally.

    Advance Preparation:
    The required reading for this course is CranioSacral Therapy II: Beyond the Dura by John E. Upledger, DO, OMM, available at and A Brain is Born by John. E. Upledger. DO, OMM, available at Also, a list of anatomical structures for review is available at Please be familiar with these terms. It is also highly recommended all participants have a current tetanus vaccination. Our previous class participants recommend that you prepare for this experience by having work done on yourself in advance of the class to boost your immune system. This could include modalities such as CranioSacral Therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and/or homeopathy.

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