CS1 03.11-04.08.18 BSE

CS1: CranioSacral Therapy 1
CS1 March 11-April 8, 2018 Big Sur, California


ASHA Transparency Statement Required for CEUs: SPEAKER DISCLOSURE: Financial: Teacher receives a fee for teaching this course. Nonfinancial: Teacher has no nonfinancial relationship to disclose.


This course will introduce you to the anatomy and physiology of the CranioSacral System through our practical hands-on "learning by discovery" method. You will learn advanced palpatory skills, fascial and soft tissue release techniques, and a concise 10-step protocol for evaluation and treatment of the entire body via the CranioSacral System. To supplement class instruction you will receive a fully-illustrated, comprehensive study guide.

After registering for the program, you may contact Esalen for lodging reservations. You will need the password "palpation" to be able to do so.

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